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    Name:natalie blaze
    Lives In:fortmyers, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:April 25, 1992
    Heroes:I have a hero Wyatt my best guy friend oh and Spiderman
    Movies:Any just not ones that have alot of old people or that put u to sleep.
    Shows:Marijuana Gold rush ..And many more
    Interests:Im interested In truthful people and Sweethearts who treat me right :D and I love the beach and taking pics and Going out to partys with my friends I am in love with the color purple.I am not a very mean person unless u piss me off and I hate imature people And people who think there there better than every one in this world we were all made the same way and nobodys better than anyone <3 So peace nd love people
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    About me Im just a girl who loves to party and be with family and friends I hate drama and people who think there better than everyone else we were made all the same. I love purple .Country is my music or old music or techno .I am myself if u dont like it piss off Im a nice person and I hate imature people Be truthful to me and trustworthy :) I dont like people who play with others like guys dont be a man whore If we know u got a girl And same with girls .I am bisexual IHave been for 4 years and if u dont wana talk to me its w.e Have it ur way I am Not judgemental either.<3 I am ful of love and I know how to treat someone I care aboutlol
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    Friends and me

    Friends and me

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    Me myself and I

    Me myself and I

    4 years ago

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