• Awesomecross: Reactive Nighttime Autocross

    BF Goodrich recently conducted an interactive driving experiment called Awesomecross, which demonstrates the connection between a tire's responsiveness and a driver's level of excitement. The custom-designed autocross course is set-up to broadcast and display the performance data from the car along with the driver's thoughts and moods by measuring the change in heart-rate with an EKG placed in the helmets. The data was displayed on the car and the course in real-time to add to both the driving and spectating experience.

    A deserted hangar at the old El Toro Air Force Base near Irvine, California served as the command center filled with high-tech monitors tracking every emotion and feeling of a select crew of drivers including BFG professional drivers, car enthusiasts, and a few members of the media.

    BFG Brand Communication Manager, Duane Thomas, explained the thought process behind Awesomecross, "Our goal was to focus on the fun of performance driving with the launch of the new g-Force Sport COMP-2. We all inherently believe that more technology means more intense experiences, or more fun. We wanted to prove how higher levels of driving performance create emotional responses and Awesomecross was the proving ground."

    BFG's most famous enthusiast, Shaun White, was on site participating in some hot laps on the night autocross course. "It was fun to be behind the wheel especially in such a crazy environment," said White. "I think the mood readings were accurate. I was driving at night and it was hard to see the signals and the reading showed that. It was definitely a more intense experience than other driving scenarios."

    Check out footage from GrindTV's experience behind the wheel:

    EKG's were placed in the helmets to monitor our thoughts and moods while driving.

    The deserted air force base was the perfect setting for a night autocross course.

    Data such as G-force levels, mood readings, lap times, and overall driving performance was etched into the tires using a specially designed engraver.

    More information about the new g-Force Sport COMP-2's
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