• Teva's Proof of Life Photo Contest

    It's more than likely that you have owned a bike that-- no matter what challenging conditions you've put it through-- has continued functioning. Try giving that trusty old bike the recognition it deserves, and win $2,000 in prizes doing it, in Teva's 'Proof of Life' Photo Contest.

    Teva is looking for bike enthusiasts to upload a picture of their worn, beat-up bike that has endured a tremendous amount of action for a chance to win up to $2,000 in prizes, including an autographed Jeff Lenosky Giant STP frame set and a Teva prize-pack.

    Each week, from now until the end of August, a winner will be selected to receive a free pair of Teva Links Mid shoes plus a chance at the grand prize pack.

    To increase your chances of winning, add a great title and caption describing exactly what you put the bike through.

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    The Calm Before the Storm

    Grateful Bertha the Downhill Wonder is about to go through one of her most difficult challenges yet as she prepares for the mountain biking portion of a 12-hour Adventure Race. The bike rode up and down one of the rockiest and difficult trails in Southern California, San Luis Obispo's famed Morning Glory Trail. One after another, racers dropped out due to bike malfunction, but not me as Grateful Bertha held strong although very beat-up.
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