My life consists of Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, and Motocross. Thoughs are pretty much the only things I do in my boring town of Vancouver.But the major thing that i base my life around is Wakeboarding! The only lake around is Lackamas in Camas so that is pretty much the only place i can wakeboard, other than the Columbia River which the last time i came out of the water i was green and had human remains all over me! Haha but the good thing about the area that i live in is that it is only like a hour and half drive to a playground that i call mount hood! That is a other love in my life "Snowboarding".

    If i were to meet one person in the whole world it would be Shaun Murray. I have been one of his biggest fans ever sence i can remember! I love his style of wakeboarding he is just so loos and chill on the water but when he takes that edge and hits that wake he is all about staying tight makeing smooth rotations and landing softly on the flat. If i could have one thing in life it would to be able to have the skills of my homeboy Shaun Murray!

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