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    Name:Petra K Taylor
    Lives In:Tollhouse, California
    United States
    Birthday:January 3, 1961
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    I'm a very young at heart 51 who loves to watch others and live vicariously through them. I share my home and life with my husband of 28 years, six cats and a dog so I have ample subjects for my camera lens BEFORE I leave the house. I enjoy hiking the hills around my house in Burrough Valley, California and taking photographs as I walk my dog.
    I like exploring new ideas, making new friends, and playing with them. I DON'T like playing mind games, lying or otherwise negatively impacting those around me. My chosen site ID explains my stance on the environment before you ever read my short bio. I make as small an impact on my habitat as necessary and urge others to do as I do.
    I'm a semi-faithful follower of Christ. (I don't call myself a Christian because the title has too many negative associations.) I'm a conservative being by nature and by choice. If you really want to know my feelings about the more controversial topics, feel free to leave me a personal message and then accept my answers as given. I won't try to change your mind if you don't try to change mine. I WILL fiercely defend my God-give right to hold my views against all comers.
    I won't insult you and expect the same dignity from you. If a discussion is too heated for your liking, leave it and come back later but DO NOT use foul language or sexually explicit terms. They offend me.
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