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    trumpetgrrrl says:

    "This was amazing! This is seriously one of the most well made action sports montage's I've ever seen. The music was synced well to the beautiful shoots and awesome skills of Mr. Brown. Props to Andrew Curr!

    Trumpet Grrrl


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    pacr says:

    "Props for the write up guys, hit me up when your down this way for a shred session at the Arenal Volcano"

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    Patrick Wieland

    Patrick Wieland says:

    "Harley is on fire. King of wake title this year? what do you guys think"

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    kickerfilms says:

    "Slick City DVD is available at Kicker Films -


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  • Change is Good- Full Length Video

    Riders: Nick Ennen, Ben Horan, Tyler Mangus, Kyle Walton, Brandon Rau, Russell Brightwell and more

    "Change Is Good was going to be an all winch DVD but as the time moved on after shooting the level of riding in both wakeskating and wakeboarding increased quite rapidly. Though this footage is a bit old I believe you will enjoy it as if it just happened." Josh Jansson


    Video By: Josh Jansson

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  • New! 2011 Mastercraft X-Star

    The X-Star is everything you could possibly want in a wakeboard boat. Cool, fast, spacious, with world-renowned wakes revered for their consistency, smooth approach, thick launch pads and soft peaks. That's why it's won Rider's Choice Awards for an amazing seven years in a row. It's pulled more world champions and official 1080's than any other boat.
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  • 2011 WWA Wakeboard World Series Schedule

    In its 22rd year as the premier wakeboard association, The World Wakeboard Association is honored to announce the schedule for the 2011 WWA Wakeboard World Series; the four stop wakeboard series sets its eyes on Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and USA. Wakeboarders from around the World will have to opportunity to knock-off the four-time defending World Series Overall Champion, Phil Soven, while being towed behind the best boats with the biggest wakes on the slickest water in the world. Last year, 2nd and 3rd place finishers, Trevor Hansen and Andrew Adkison, topped the year off with a bang as they secured podium placements; meanwhile, late season injuries kept top contenders JD Webb, Aaron Rathy, and the reigning Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Champion, Dean Smith, from competing in the final stop. So the question remains... Can Soven continue his WWA Wakeboard World Series overall dominance in 2011?

    Stop 1
    March 19-20
    Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico

    Stop 2
    May 14-15
    Ragga Wakeboard World Series
    Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

    Stop 3
    August 6-7
    Wakestock Canada
    Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

    Stop 4
    August 20-21
    Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships Presented by Supra
    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America

    Visit thewwa.com for more information.
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  • James Windsor at Penrith Cable Park

    There must be something in the water down there in Australia. Everyday it seems I hear of a new shredder from Australia and James is no exception. Check out James Windsor at Penrith Cable Park doing work.

    Also check out Chris Flaxman's new film ON THE LINE for free at liquidnfilms.com
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  • Andrew Pastura and Stu Shinn by Wesubsist

    The cove of enchantment--it's been said to mend broken wakeskates and grant wishes. Andrew Pastura and Stu Shinn have no problem linking together a few niceys on Lake Georgia. June, 2009.

    video by Wesubsist
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