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    trumpetgrrrl says:

    "This was amazing! This is seriously one of the most well made action sports montage's I've ever seen. The music was synced well to the beautiful shoots and awesome skills of Mr. Brown. Props to Andrew Curr!

    Trumpet Grrrl


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    pacr says:

    "Props for the write up guys, hit me up when your down this way for a shred session at the Arenal Volcano"

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    Patrick Wieland

    Patrick Wieland says:

    "Harley is on fire. King of wake title this year? what do you guys think"

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    kickerfilms says:

    "Slick City DVD is available at Kicker Films -


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  • Oury Yarbrough Tejas Style.

    I went out to Texas recently and met up with my good friend Oury. Oury is one of the nicest guys around. With sick style and an impressive flip trickery Oury is always fun to film. Oury came to orlando 2 times before I made the trip to Texas. I finally Made the trip to texas and it was well with worth it. Texas has some greatsceneryfor filming and the winch spots are insane. Oury showed me around town and got me sick multiple times driving like a rally car driver.

    Check out Oury riding at TSR.
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  • Global Warning HD World Premiere!

    Wakeboard San Diego is proud to host the official High Definition premiere of the highly-acclaimed wakeboarding film,Global Warning, by Ronnie Romero and David Cervenka on Saturday, August 8 2009. Come out to check out a piece of history asGlobal Warningis the first wakeboard film to be experienced in High Definition and on BluRay disc.

    An invitation to this event is required, so you need to have your name on the guest list to attend. To get your name on the guest list, simply sign up atwakeboardsandiego.com. This is a kid friendly environment, so families are welcome.

    Global Warningis the first ever wakeboarding film to be shot entirely in High Definition (HD) and released on BluRay Disc. Come witness this film in its HD glory and see an all-star lineup featuring Shaun Murray, Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, JD Webb, Dean Smith, Keith Lidberg, Kyle Alberts, and Jeff Weatherall as they travel around the globe to exotic locations in New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico (and more) to throw down some serious bangers.

    Plans for the Evening...

    Bands Scheduled to play so far (in no particular order)

    6 pm - 8 pm: BBQ and Bands
    The SDMBBSC has a large grassy area for the planned activity. We will coordinate a BBQ for attendees and activities such as volleyball and horseshoes will be available. The BBQ is a fundraiser and there will be a small charge for food to raise funds for future Community Outreach Program activities. Adult beverages will also be available at the clubhouse for purchase.

    8 pm - 10:30 pm: DVD Premiere and Bands
    We have coordinated the official High Definition Premiere of highly-acclaimed wakeboarding filmGlobal Warning. We will have a large screen setup outside for attendees to view the DVD. The DVD is a little more than an hour playtime. After the DVD, we will have more entertainment.

    Event Completion
    The event officially ends at 10:30pm (after the last band). We hope to maintain housekeeping as we go throughout the day, so keep the place clean!

    If there are any questions, email corey atride@wakeboardsandiego.com.

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  • Meet Liquid Force Pro Rider Aaron Reed!

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  • Clip of the week! on the Alliancewakeskate.com

    Alright clip of the week is a normal thing every week over at www.alliancewakeskate.com but this week is different. I was responsible for bringing the clip of the week to masses. Check out whats going on over there. Josh Kirby lands a CLEAN! Frontboard 450 frontbig out. So clean. I watched it 10 times already since I exported it.

    so get over there and check it out now!

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  • From Da Water! Change up your Photograph angles and Film from new places.

    From da water!

    Photos:EJ PETERSON

    Im always trying to film in different ways and I love to see pictures that are not the normal. Wakeboarding can get prettyrepetitivein the shots and way its filmed. Its behind a boat and going back in forth across the wakes does not help with therepetitiveness. It seems that lately with the recent magazine covers being totally new stuff, I think alot of people realize that the same old photos are getting old. With riders pushingtheirriding in different ways away from the boat and photographers suggesting shots. The change is here and I think in the years to come Wakeboarding will be filmed and photographed like never before.

    One day I setup a shoot early in the morning hoping to get some good footage. I told Ej he should come out and try to snap some pictures. The only problem was we only had room for me on the chase ski. This meant Ej was either stuck on the shore or in the water. I told him a sick shot would be from the water right next to the wake of the guys in the air. So with his camera skills and my idea we ended up getting some good shots. Ej got some nice spills and almost died a couple times but everyone went home alive.

    So next time your out with your friends just messing around taking pictures or getting some video change it up! Find a new cool angle, create cool new ideas and have fun with it. Sometimes the most unsuspecting angle will turn out awesome. Your friends or yourself do not have to be pros or landing crazy tricks to get some sweet photos. Just go out and try to plan out shots. See the shot before you take it and imagine how you want the rider. It might be fun for your friends or yourself just to go out one day and try to get 1 cool shot. Always have fun with andrememberthat you started Wakeboarding because it was fun!
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