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    oliver theess

    oliver theess says:

    "The Surfing Program began at "Aviation High School in Redondo Beach", California, 90278. The surf team at Aviation High School , which took the championship in 1982, against Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, California , 90266. We know Oliver Theess was on the championship Team. The surf was about 4 to 5 foot in Manhattan Beach. This created the program which in the South Bay schools started even way before that time. It just was reinstated. " For the KOOKS that didn't know" No Bozos."

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    chinedu_pete says:

    "Love you FELIX...This guy even landed far too better than the pilot that flew us from Dubai to KL on july 14th 2012"

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    chinedu_pete says:

    "Thank you God,Got juice on me MEHN"

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    msully840 says:

    "The BAUM!"

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  • Young bald eagle from famous Iowa nest is found electrocuted

    One of the world-famous American bald eagles from Decorah, Iowa, was found dead Sunday at the base of a power pole, a victim of electrocution.

    News of the loss, the first known fatality among 14 eagles that have hatched at the Decorah nest, spread Monday via social media platforms, including the Raptor Research Project and Decorah Eagles Facebook pages.

    Among RRP posts was this one:

    "We are very sorry to announce that D12 is dead. D12 was found electrocuted at the base of a power pole on a Sunday morning. We notified the power company, who modified the top of that pole on Sunday and several other poles in the area on Monday. As of this morning, they are continuing to identify and modify poles to make them raptor safe."

    The Decorah eagles won millions of fans from around the world during the past two seasons, thanks to a high-definition webcam operated by the RRP and its director, Bob Anderson.

    Fans tuned into the live feed to watch the eagles hatch, grow, compete with each other for food and ultimately take their first flights.

    D12 was the first of three eagles to hatch this past spring.

    David Lynch, a volunteer for the RRP, told KWWL News 7: "Many around the world watched the eagle go from egg to chick to fledge right out of the tree. To see something happen, they feel like they lost a member of their family."

    Anderson told the Gazette that an off-duty employee for Alliant Energy responded to the incident by installing a temporary insulation shield on the pole to prevent D12's two siblings from also being electrocuted. Since fledging, all three have remained near the near the nest tree and the power poles.

    One of the three, D14, was fitted last week with a satellite transmitter so its movements can be monitored. The bird is faring well, Anderson said.

    -- Image showing D12 on a branch is courtesy of the Raptor Research Project

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