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    Name:isaias rodriguez
    Lives In:anaheim, California
    United States
    Birthday:November 29, 1940
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    im a photographer from orange county california
    been in the auto,bike,sports,music,Fashion and club scene
    for many years.
    worked for Electric ink.magazine,
    Street Beat magazine(park ave publishing)
    Snowboard Core magazine (challenge publishing)
    Lovely Low Rider Bikes
    Killer Bra's fashion
    Action Sports Retailer Trade Expo
    Fletcher media
    Big Jim's
    Paper Doll products
    focus Skateboards and Snowboards
    ski dazzle Show & Snowboard Expo
    Orange County Photography
    Grease Free inc.
    Fast Tracks
    Loco Chopper Bikes
    Wickaheavens Mercedes
    Eric Figge photography

    Photography is been my love and i love to share it with the world.

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    photography by isaac

    photography by isaac

    4 years ago

    25 photos


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