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    Hi, Im Phylisia Johnson, and im A female I love food and I love to dance and also I love to play sport's! My favorite color is blue and I love singing. What I like most Is meeting new people I'm the girl that doesn't care what any body think's of them. Im really the kind of person that like's to be around alot of people I dont smile alot well that doesn't mean Im not happy(: When I see one of my friends then that whats make me smile seeing friends cheer me up just brighten's my day. What Im mostly good at Is helping people with thier relationship problems trust me I helped million's of people with thier relationship problem's what mostly make's me happy is seeing them together again I dont care what coler you are lesbian, Bisexual, gay, straight I'll help you with anything <3

    Drank: no
    Virgin: yes
    And I have 1 brother and 4 sisters 2 of my sisters died and yepp thats pretty much it c:
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    Name:Phylisia Johnson
    Lives In:Milton, Florida
    United States