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    A snowboarder first and a business guy somewhere more like 30th, I have dedicated my life to telling the corporate job lifestyle to fuckoff.

    I started Prospect my senior year of college out of necessity. I had a great finance internship that was going to get me a top tier job and money in the bank. Truth is, it was super lame. 7 months in I was going to go crazy. I asked some guys that have traveled the path of life and I got one consistent answer, do something that you are passionate about.

    I'm still not sure how those guys are passionate about making PVC pipes or selling bullshit investments, but that's their gig. I started the one thing that I could do every day for the rest of my life; snowboard.

    Now, Prospect is the only snowboard company in the Midwest and I am determined to put riders on the map outside of the big mounatain states. I may, or may not have the right ideas for Prospect, but I can honestly say I took the path less traveled. If it works great, if not at least I have my dignity.
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    2010/2011 Snowboard Line

    2010/2011 Snowboard Line

    6 years ago

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    Prospect Snowboards

    Prospect Snowboards

    7 years ago

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