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    I got a sneak peak of what the weather will be like down at the beach when I met up with some friends for breakfast earlier today. Given that is was an early Saturday morning, I forgave the fact that is was quite cool and gloomy.

    I sipped my latte, and gave dating advice to a 20 year old girl while eying her leftover gluten free banana pancakes.

    "Are you gonna eat that?"

    My friend of 10 years, Tamara had invited me out and I was making a great first impression on her new friend.

    More advice...

    "That's so (fill in guy's name)!" Piped in the 20 year old minor validating my warped dating logic.

    "That's why I keep him around, he's my insight to how guys think." explained Tamara as a justification for my running mouth.

    I smile the biggest shit-eating grin and reach for an abandoned fruit cup that no one seemed to be eating.

    After breakfast was over, I hugged Tamara goodbye and gave a solid platonic handshake to her friend and said it was nice meeting her.

    I went home and started to prepare for a bike ride with friends down to the beach. Life is great.
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