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    Lives In:New York
    United States
    Birthday:February 13, 1977
    Music:Green Day, U2, Beatles, Coldplay...to name a few favorites, but I listen to pretty much everyting.
    Movies:Young Frankenstein
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    Jet Ski

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    Why I don't play golf...

    Why I don't play golf...

    5 years ago


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    Mick Campbells season on the elite tour suffered today going down in the final seconds of his heat.
    Bobby Martinez in round 1
    Adam Melling scored big in his round three heat win.
    Jeremy Flores advancing with style.
    in round 1, world No 1 Jordy Smith captured a well deserved victory over wildcard and former event winner Manoa Drollet and CJ Hobgood.
    i love this pic x]
    Kane x3
    shredding at Maryhill 2010
    Rail grab at the US OPEN, fly'n high!
    Greg Bretz. Photo: Red Bull
    Spencer O'brien. Photo: Red Bull
    Sebastien Toutant. Photo: Red Bull
    Pat Moore. Photo: Red Bull

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