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    Lives In:i don't know but i think there's a hobbo or two there, North Carolina
    United States
    Birthday:February 17, 1992
    Heroes:God(first of all), andrew reynolds, and chris haslam
    Music:as i lay dying, as cities burn, august burns red, anberlin, bless the fall, blindside, becoming the archetype, the chariot, still remains, the devil wears prada, cry of the aflicted, destroy the runner, emery, falling up, haste the day, life in your way, oh, sleeper, spoken, and the best band in the world, 24:7 (hardcore, screamo, xc, core, ect; or techno)
    Movies:anything not boring, but i do favor those movies that are extremely random; Monty Python and the Holy Grail(the most random and pointless movie ever)
    Interests:I like loving God in my spare time...actually I love Him all the time, you should try it sometime, make it a new fad
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