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    QParks became the largest and most successfull provider of freestyle snowparks and funslopes in the alps over the last 9 years. We currently plan, construct and maintain 25 snowparks in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Among them you will find some of the most important and largest snowparks in Europe and with few exceptions, almost all the top destinations in Austria.

    To reach a sport orientated audience, we rely on two main themes in winter sports, since almost 10 years: Freestyle and Freeride! Our work consists of producing and maintaining the necessary infrastructure (snowpark and funslopes) on the one hand. On the other hand we realise comprehensive and targeted marketing- and communication activities for all our products.

    Check www.qparks.com for more information
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    QParks Season 11/12

    QParks Season 11/12

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