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    Name:JaSoNnNn YoUr MoM
    Nickname:LiL JaYy
    Lives In:IlL EaT yOu !
    MoThEr FuCkEr
    La., California
    United States
    Birthday:August 11, 1991
    Heroes:GuYz anD gUrLz sEx SmOkInG pOrN gOd My FaMiLy AlEx! I
    Music:YoUr MoM In My bEddDd
    Movies:ThE DaY i EaT yOuR pUsSy! hOeZzZ
    Shows:WhEn YoUr MoM CaLlEd ME daDdY aNd ToLd ME tO sPaNk HeR oNe MoRe TiMe! BUt I dId It tWiCe!!!
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