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    Kat Hoffman

    Kat Hoffman says:

    "shutting it down till 2014? C'mon NYC, I know you move at a much faster pace than that. Get it together! "

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    hotshot10 says:

    "man my dream was to grow up and have a skate trip with all my homies to the banks..... so much for that"

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  • 5 BORO: All City Champs

    If you're in NYC this weekend be sure to stop by the park under the Manhattan Bridge, to find out which borough truly puts it down.

    Here's the deal, each borough will be respresented by a team and skate the different sections of the park. The team with the most points after the contest will be named All City Champs. Check out the flyer for more details.
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    HBO 's new show HOW TO MAKE IT IN AMERICA came out with a 2 part series about NYC skateboarding.

    This has been out for a little now, but I figured it's relevant with Maloof coming to NYC and the perfect weather we've been having out here lately.

    Part 1

    Part 2

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  • Brooklyn Banks Bummer

    The most historic skate spot in New York City will be shutting down.The NYC Department of Transportation has announced that they will be closing the Brooklyn Banks, until at least 2014.Apparently, they are restoring the BrooklynBridge and need this space for storage.

    The legendary Banks was a home base for all skaters in the city to meet up and start their day.People from all over the world would come to NYC to skate the Banks.I know I've personally skated with kids form
    Brazil and Japan there.

    Steve Rodriguez, the owner of 5boro skateboards, saved the Banks from destruction back in 2004, but this time his vigilante negotiation efforts will have to be different. "Last time it was about saving the spot, this time it's about shortening the length of time they will be closed and making sure they are still skateable and made to last," said Rodriguez.

    The odds of the city making the Banks skateable again when they reopen seem pretty low to me.I mean just look at
    LovePark now. Hopefully, Steve and every other skater in the city can have some say on how the Banks will be when they reopen. If not, the Brooklyn Banks will be just another historic skate spot gone bust. Much like the legendary EMB.

    For more of Steve's interview on the Brooklyn Banks click here.

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    Everyone should check out the article Bret Anthony Johnston wrote in the New York Times about the life of Andy Kessler. Andy was one the first to rip the streets of NYC on a skate. His raw, aggressive style and contributions to the East Coast skate scene will be forever remembered.

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  • Dollin Vans Ad

    Vans Ad
    I was cruising through my neighborhood today and I saw this Vans ad with Dollin. Classic.
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