• Rippleeffect Watersports is now absorbed by our new parent company. Rippleeffect Actionsports!
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    Name:Josh Kasl
    Nickname:Rippleeffect Actionsports
    Lives In:Newport Beach, California
    United States
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    BASE Jumping

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    I'm excited to share Rippleeffect Watersports is now absorbed by our new parent company, Rippleeffect Actionsports. With our new Youth Outreach programs under the care of Rippleeffect Surf, Rippleeffect Skate, Rippleeffect Snow, and Rippleeffect Moto, Sports Outreach is certainly where our hearts are at. This year my partner Paul and I will be stepping away from each individual sport and overseeing the training process of our Actionsport Advisors...these individuals working hands on are industry experts in the individual sports they oversee. We will still oversee business development, strategic marketing, tradeshows and pro clinics. The goal of Rippleeffect Actionsports simply put is to fulfill "The Great Commission"...In other words - We bring the church family to the Actionsport. The youth still do what they are best at and we are able to share as a family the word of God and teach effective community outreach in unique Actionsports. So come visit...An exciting church family on the Ocean, perhaps visit a Church on the Mountain Top, the Lake, Skate Park, or enjoy Church in the Desert...see the Church is our family "so we are... where you are"! This is the best way we see that we can share the word of God from corner to corner of the earth, do our part and we are having a lot of fun doing it! So come visit and be Blessed! - Joshua

    RippleEffect Watersports Inc. is a non-for profit 501(C)3 foundation that shares the love of Jesus Christ through the means of Actionsports. For more information on how to serve and glorify the Kingdom of God through the means of Watersports, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Sailing, Offshore Racing, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing please contact Josh Kasl - jkasl@rippleeffectwatersports.com

    If you have a boat, a gift or talent, time, or just a heart to share the love of Jesus with our future generations... we welcome all.

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    rippleeffect watersports

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    Here is the 2012 boat show schedule http://www.boatshows.com/‚Äčcalendar.aspx - Wakeboarders and Waterskiers heads up on new products and boats for 2012!

    rippleeffect watersports

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