• My Info

    Name:Will C*******
    Lives In:Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
    United States
    Birthday:October 11, 1995
    Heroes:corey duffel, greg myers, brandon westgate, braydon szafranski
    Music:atreyu, killswitch engage, papa roach, disturbed, slipknot,
    Movies:balls of fury, hancock, the dark knight
    Shows:fuel tv, fam guy
    Interests:skateboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding, chicks
  • About

    Hey What's Up?????? I'm Will, I'm 13 years old and i love skateboarding and snowboarding. I Only really wakeboard during the summer a couple times a year at my grandpas lake house. he has this tiny little lake about 1000 acres in the middle of Cassopolis county in Michigan. I snowboard during the winter, duh...... and i skate whenever it warms up.
    Call me a ninny, but i really hate skating when it's like 30 out its a pain. i like to snowboard my backyard is a hill we make little kickers and mini money booters...... say that fast! and i take a couple 2x4s and make rails, downs or anything.... or line them up next to each other and make a box. but yeah its a lot of fun round my place.. the only problem is i'm the only person in my family who skateboards, so i can't really just go out and skate with someone all the time..... i have two brothers, one skis one snowboards, but neither of them are as stoked on it as i am so a lot of the time i'm trudgin up the hills by myself, but at least there isn't a long lift line, instead theres a walk/climb. so yeah thats whats goin on right now in my life just skatin and shreddin. also check out my youtube ieatcrete111 its alright. P E A C E B R O S ! ! ! !