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    j_mac890 says:

    "lol mine is the same i had 102 new messages was up sammy....my best buddie!!!!"

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    planbskater1 says:

    "give me your email address my is himlogo@hotmail.com and if it ask for last name it Kozuch"

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    skateboarduser113 says:

    "darkstars,zeros,elements,and girls are good boards to get i have a darkstar superlight and its mad good i can even grind with it"

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    dionkc says:

    "call yourself an emo, haha shame. i dont know any of use guys but i created my profile the other day and ppl are all like argueing and getting defensive, its kinda depressing(emo) to see people hu call em selves skaters wen all they are doin is bitchin. its not wat the sports about, enjoy it. enjoy life. have fun.. :) nice to meet you, watever the hell you are!?peace!!!!"

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  • Myspace.


    Add me!! :]



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  • Cant Believe it....

    Dude. I cant believe after all this time im still the most viewed user on here! lol! Its pretty darn awsome:]

    Guess tha ppl really like me, eh? hehe.

    Well keep em' coming loves! lol

    Add me on myspace!!! www.myspace.com/jiggyjane



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  • Not Here

    Hey guyz!

    As u kno i havent been on here much! Im sorry if u've sent messages and i havent replied! I been wayy busy with school lately! So im not going to be on here much anymore! But Im trying to get on more i promise! Sorries if yall thought i was ignoring you! SammyJane24 is back!! ;]

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  • Dont label me

    Yo, people..calm down about the whole emo thing..
    Why do have to label everyone on this freakin site..
    Im tired of all the posers/sluts on hereBut seriously, why cant we all just GET ALONG..
    True skating is about having FUN.
    NOT GOING AROUND SAYING "ur emo i hate u!" or "ur ugly i hate you!" or "ur a poser cuz u cant ollie!"
    Posers are--people who say they can do things and they cant.
    sluts are--people who show off their bodies cuz their scared if they act themselfs, people wont like them..

    And for the past couple dayz i see that my friend Britt has called people sluts or posers..Im sorry she is a butthole..lol
    She got on my profile.. :/

    Well if u got any mean comments post them, or if u got some good comments, plez post them i wanna here what u guyz//gurlz have to say!!!!
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  • sdfgsd

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