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    j_mac890 says:

    "lol mine is the same i had 102 new messages was up sammy....my best buddie!!!!"

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    sammyjane24 says:

    "yeppers hes going to collegde! i so proud of meh bro! :D"

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    waleofaustralind says:

    "i agree with scElite u made a awsome point dude"

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    goldenskater92 says:

    "Umm are you just jealous of them or something? Like seriously, To each man (or women) their own.=DUnless your a fake. Then theres a problem."

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  • Myspace.


    Add me!! :]



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  • Cant Believe it....

    Dude. I cant believe after all this time im still the most viewed user on here! lol! Its pretty darn awsome:]

    Guess tha ppl really like me, eh? hehe.

    Well keep em' coming loves! lol

    Add me on myspace!!! www.myspace.com/jiggyjane



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  • Not Here

    Hey guyz!

    As u kno i havent been on here much! Im sorry if u've sent messages and i havent replied! I been wayy busy with school lately! So im not going to be on here much anymore! But Im trying to get on more i promise! Sorries if yall thought i was ignoring you! SammyJane24 is back!! ;]

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  • Dont label me

    Yo, people..calm down about the whole emo thing..
    Why do have to label everyone on this freakin site..
    Im tired of all the posers/sluts on hereBut seriously, why cant we all just GET ALONG..
    True skating is about having FUN.
    NOT GOING AROUND SAYING "ur emo i hate u!" or "ur ugly i hate you!" or "ur a poser cuz u cant ollie!"
    Posers are--people who say they can do things and they cant.
    sluts are--people who show off their bodies cuz their scared if they act themselfs, people wont like them..

    And for the past couple dayz i see that my friend Britt has called people sluts or posers..Im sorry she is a butthole..lol
    She got on my profile.. :/

    Well if u got any mean comments post them, or if u got some good comments, plez post them i wanna here what u guyz//gurlz have to say!!!!
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  • sdfgsd

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