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    Lives In:Carrollton, Texas
    United States
    Birthday:January 20, 1994
    Heroes:Ghandi because he only wanted peace and love nothning more he belived that people can live in a civilized maner and that we don't need wars we just need to learn how to get along and not figth over stupid things its realy retarded that we figth over little and un-important things...we should sop wars and make peace with everybody :)
    Music:A7X, Evanescence, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Boys Like Girls, Tokio Hotel, Forever the Sikest Kids, 30 Seconds To Mars, Papa Roach, Aiden, My Chemical Romance, Yellow card, Belanova, Belinda, Alison, Lady Sov, Atreyu, RBD, Emmy Rossum, Cascada, David Archuleta, FOB
    Movies:13 going on 30, Willy Wonka And The chocolate Factory, Cinderella story, Sleep over, Jack Ass, Raise your voice, B*wiched, Edward Scissorhands
    Shows:Gossip girl, Cluless, Degrassi
    Interests:Heyyy (: ... Whats up??? ... I'm borring and I love to text ... Whats new? haha
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