• JC Epidemic Bike Demonstration

    BMX demo at Breaka Burleigh Pro 2010
    BMX bike Demonstration at Breaka Burleigh Pro 2010

    In between heats at theBreaka Burleigh Pro 2010bystanders could feast their eyes on a demonstration of theBMXcrew of JC Epidemic doing some epic air tricks on theirBMX Bikeson an impressive looking...


    Check out theBreaka Burleigh Pro 2010 BMX bike demonstration photo gallery!
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  • Interview - Paige Hareb - ASP Women's World Tour Surfer

    Paige Hareb was the first female Kiwi surfer to make it into the ASP Women's World Tour.Interview - Paige Hareb - ASP Women's World Tour Surfer

    Shot Spot Surf journalist Grace Gutweinhad an online interview with Paige, who is now in Hawaii enjoying the winter season on the most powerful waves on the planet and competing on the final ... read more here..

    for more interviews visit http://www.shotspot.com.au
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  • Superbanks Photo Gallery

    Shot Spot photographers in action at the Superbanks!

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  • New wave discovered on the Maldives

    A new wave has been discovered on the Maldives by the Maldives Boat trip Crew.
    You can check the article on the Shot Spot Website.
    Click here for more information!
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  • Shot Spot Surf Birthday Party!!!

    Come join us on our 2nd anniversary!
    More information on the link below:
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