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    Name:Sink or Swim Apparel
    Lives In:Nashville, Tennessee
    United States
    Birthday:April 24, 1989
    Heroes:Everyone on a board.
    Music:Hi! I'm an aspiring clothing company. My shirts are made by these weird starving artists kooks who locks himself up in his house for hours on end drawing up new designs and coming up with new ideas for me. Not a single piece of me have been made in sweat shops, the shirts that get printed on (usually the brands differ) are all made in the USA. I get printed on by those weird guys with home made silk screens and environmentally friendly ink because I'd get kind of mad if my favorite place (the sea) were to be polluted with anything but the blood of smart mouthed sea merchants. Yep, just DIY ethic, with some blood sweat and tears (they try to not get any of that stuff on me) are put into these shirts.
    Shows:My Name is Earl, Family Guy
    Interests:People who skateboard.
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