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    Name:jacob wheeler
    Lives In:lake caroline
    lake caroline drive
    ruther glen, Virginia
    United States
    Birthday:May 2, 1996
    Relationship:In a Relationship
    Heroes:Shaun White, Scotty Lago, Travis Pastrana, Bam Margera, and Rob Dyrdek
    Music:death metal rock rrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrr
    Movies:grown ups, vampires suck, just go with it
    Shows:dragon ball z, bleach, kekkaishi and full metal archimest
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    Born on May 2,1996 in Fairfax,Virginia Jacob Wheeler was nicknamed Scooter by his dad,and no he does not dont ride a scooter it is just a random name.Being a big fan of animes (Japanese animation)Jacob has wacted Dragon Ball Z almost all his life.he has been skating since he was only three years old.He really isnt that good but he quotes "since I started skating I always had a board from Wal-Mart or Target and never knew about a compound board from a skateshop until now:o"Jacob currently has a blind board that he thrashes on a rail that he got for Christmas from the Zumies skateshop.he skates every season Winter,Spring,Summer,and Fall.
    Jacob has only riden a slope on a snowboard and never hit a jump but he thinks that he will ride great down slopes.Being a HUGE fan of extreme sports he watches Fuel TV alot.On the subject of snowboarding he is a fan of the shows Elery Out of Bounds,The Standard Snowboarding show,and Shaun White Project X.Shaun White is one of Jacobs favorite snoboarder.
    Jacob wheeler has many heroes.He looks up to Shaun White,Bam Margera,Rob Dyrdek,Scotty Lago,Travis Pastrana,and Mike Valley.jacob will always look up to those guys.planning to be a pro snowboarder he has a big life ahead.Only if he can complete that goal.
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