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    sirwilliam says:

    "ryan sheckler is prolly the biggest baby skateboarding has ever known. why dont you go cry on tv while your daddy buys you houses and you have everything made for you because you are rich. . . people should idolize skaters who come from the underground with absolutely nothing and work their way up into the big time. Not someone who has their own tv show about how he is having problems with girls or his friends. . ."

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    fielding says:

    "i realy like ryan sheckler i watched all of his program that is all i watch on youtube is ryan sheckler i love him next year i am coming to san clemete california i hope to get lots of stuff in skate shops of ryan sheckler that is why i would like a signed ryan sheckler board thatnk if you give me the oppitunaty to win a signed ryan sheckler board cause were i come from liverpool in the united kingdom we neve get chances to see or get autographs of famous skateboarders the only skatepark we have is rampworx i hope one day i could become a pro like ryan sheckler than you katie fielding"

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    sirwilliam says:

    "yea i want to see nate sherwood's blogs"

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    dgkallday_ says:

    "You sold us out on skateboard.com"

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  • The merger

    The Merger
    To all skateboard.com users:

    We are all making a move to a better place. Don't worry, you don't have to do anything, but you might want to start logging on more. If you haven't already been to Grindtv.com you might want to go check it out.

    Don't fear change skateboarding fans. Grindtv has all the same features that skateboard.com has and more....much, much more. More community, more videos, more blogs, more pictures, more contests, and more prizes. Did I mention that you don't have to do ANYTHING? If you are already a skateboard.com user, than you'll automatically become a Grindtv.com user when the switch happens. You'll have the same username, and the same login info. All your content will be moved over as well.

    There might be some adjustment period as this is a lot of work. If you notice that something is missing from your skateboad.com account and wasn't successfully moved to your grindtv account, then please take the time to e-mail us and let us know the problem is. While you're at it, feel free to make any other suggestions you would like to see implemented on Grindtv.com to make your experience a little more enjoyable.

    All you have to do is keep logging on to Grindtv.com for videos, blogs, and news. Change is for the better people. Especially when you don't have to do anything to get it.

    Here's some images of the new grindtv.com
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  • Phelps and Cole

    Chris Cole sat down with Jake Phelps for another episode of Ask The Phelper. They talk about the Back To The Burg contest
    and a major question involving the event. Will Andrew Reynolds be
    there? Apparently, he's claiming he's hurt, but that could just be part
    of the showmanship that is The Boss. He's for sure not intimidated
    since he steezily frontside flipped in the last Wallenburg contest. As
    Chris said, "Andrew is no mark."

    Also, Chris thinks there are
    going to be several hard flips down it, a nollie, but he wasn't so sure
    about the nollie flip. There you go Torey Pudwell time to step up.
    Check it out below and for more episodes go to www.thrashermagazine.com.

    Skateboard Magazine
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  • 11th Annual TWS Skateboarding Awards

    The 11th Annual Transworld Skateboarding Awards will go down June 12th
    at the Avalon in Hollywood. The show is a who's who of skateboarding,
    with your favorite pros, industry people and entertainers presenting
    each award. It's like the Grammy's of our industry, just a little a
    dirtier, drunker and rowdier.

    going to be cool to see Hasoi get the TWS Legend award, to have been
    through what he has, and be back slaying pools again, it's just such a
    remarkable story. Some other areas of interest are going to be: whether
    or not Silas Baxter-Neal will be able to back up his Thrasher Skater of the Year honors
    with a TWS Best Street award, the Readers' Choice award because "the
    people" that make up skateboarding decide it, and the Best Video award
    because with no Fully Flared hype-machine this year, it's not as obvious.

    Stay tuned for more exclusives, because this the event is bound to go off! And the nominees are:

    Andrew Allen
    Andrew Brophy
    Sean Malto

    Silas Baxter-Neal
    Heath Kirchart
    Anthony Van Engelen

    Alien Workshop
    Anti Hero
    Toy Machine

    And Now, TransWorld
    Mind Field, Alien Workshop
    Ride The Sky, Fallen Footwear

    Rune Glifberg
    Peter Hewitt
    Matt Mumford

    David Gravette, And Now
    Jake Johnson, Mind Field
    Anthony Van Engelen, Mind Field

    Chris Cole
    Heath Kirchart
    Sean Malto

    Christian Hosoi
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  • Quote of the Day

    "I usually get loose stool from here." - Rick Howard twittering while eating Taco Bell. Photo: MORINformed
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  • Malto on the G

    Sometimes I dream that he is me
    Like Sean if I could be like Sean
    I wanna be wanna be like Sean
    Like Sean if I could be like Sean

    Malto now rides for Gatorade. The G should get together with film maker
    extraordinaire and part-owner of Girl skateboards (Sean's board
    sponsor), Spike Jonez, and do a little remake of that old Michael
    Jordan "Like Mike" commercial. For those of you who don't remember here
    it is:

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