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    Lives In:Maryland
    United States
    Birthday:January 16, 1996
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    HI i am Blake i am a skateboarder. Skateboarding rules.
    My fav skaters:
    1. Paul Machnau
    2. Chris Cole
    3. Greg Lutzka
    4. Andrew Reynolds
    5. Mike Mo
    6. Garrett Hill
    7.Chet Thomas
    8.Paul Rodriguez
    9.Corey Duffel
    10.Rodney Mullen
    12. Tony Hawk
    13. Adam Dyet
    14. Bucky Lasek

    My Fav board companys:
    1. Darkstar
    2. Zero

    Fav trucks company:
    1. royal
    2. venture

    Fav bearings:
    1. Bones/Reds

    My current board:
    Board: Darkstar asylum
    trucks: royals
    wheels: Darkstar
    bearings: reds

    My fav skate videos:
    1.Darkstar battlion
    2.Zero dying to live
    3.United by fate episode 1-5
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    i am back!

    Thursday, January 21, 2010 2:02pm PST (5 years ago)

    sorry i havent been on in a while i have been skating alot. by the way i land a pop shove it finally and i do them very clean and i landed it a while ago. i couldnt skate the whole month of december which sucked but, i have been this month and i am now working on kickflip,heelflip,frontside 180,backside 180, 50-50 grind, and boardslide.

    almost got it!

    6 years ago


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