These are the account of Scoffman and his life through the filming and build of a mini mega ramp named The Scoff Project

  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - In Between Build Days

    In Between Build Days

    March 7, 2005
    so another wacked day at The Scoff Project. We got things planned out
    and ready. We were to get the camera man here with the VX2000 around
    noon. An after working a bit on doing some prep work painting a few
    sheets of ply then screwing it down against the ramp. Our camera guy
    came and dropped off the camera and said he couldn' (TM)t film because he
    had to take his mother to the hospital, alright good reason, no problem
    right? We always have at least 3 people building so we will just have
    one builder switch now. Well, right before that our camera guy got
    here, Dillan left around 11:30am for some business. Leaving just
    Scoffman and Jarred with no one to switch over to filming.

    So no
    filming got done that day. We didn' (TM)t even bother brining the camera out
    really. Just finished screwing in a the last of 3 sheets of ply and
    custom fit the transition (on the way down to the ground from the
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  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - Day 7: Finishing the Bank

    February 17, 2008
    DAY 7
    Alright so now it seems like were getting back in our groove again! We started the day late and again had a new camera man from our friends over at WatchDoIt.com. They brought in a nice HD camera and Jason gave him the
    layout of the film. Then we stuffed some donuts down and were off building. The previous build day we cut all the wood needed for the landing bank. Its dimensions were to be 8' wide, 6' high, and 16' long.

    Everything started off alright; the recycled 4x4s that we were using for the base of the bank and the support beams were a bit old and had some rather large cracks. We just needed some longer screws to take care of that problem though. Scoffman was constantly running back and forth to the shed with the blueprints to the bank to make sure all the height of the transitions were correct before they were screwed into place. Jarred Dahl and Shane Mooney were there and built the majority of the bank while Scoffman was making sure the ramp was right to the inch. Then out of nowhere, Brendan Dane popped into the scene about halfway through the building of the bank to come and help us.

    He's some guy we found sleeping underneath the ramp one day. Rather nice fellow really. He helped out for a good 30 minutes before he wandered off the property looking for a rabbit to eat for dinner. (Not really. But a man
    named Brendan did help out on the project for a little bit.) Nearing noon, we closed out with our filmer and finished up filming for the day (the filmer had to leave according to his clock). The ramp was done except for the last few inches which had to be a rollin. We spent another 30 minutes after the filmer left and made the pieces, installed them, and added cross braces to the bank to secure it.. Then with just 4 of us, Jason's brother John Huewe came out to help move the ramp. It was a pain to move a football field away, but at least we won't have to move it again. We'll cover what we did after the filmer left, at the beginning of the next build day, so no one misses out. Almost done!
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  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - Photoshoot

    Line Up Mag Photoshoot

    Mini Mega Ramp Photoshoot

    This day wasn' (TM)t an official build day but instead a photo shoot day for
    the ramp. We assembled it back together and added the sheets of ply on
    top of the ramp and the whole runway. It looked like it was finished!!
    Then John Huewe came out with his camera and was taking photos for an
    up and coming article we had in LINE UP MAGAZINE about the project. You
    should be able to see it in there next upcoming mag. To be released
    soon in February or March.

    the shoot we again broke everything down and took off the sheets of
    ply. We haven' (TM)t treated wood yet and couldn' (TM)t leave it out in the
    elements. Heres are a few of the photos that were taken
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  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - Day 6: Not the Best Start

    December 19, 2007
    The majority of the build group
    got together plus one to help paint the ramp. Scoffman' (TM)s next door
    neighbor Joe gave us a 5 gallon bucket of outdoor primer paint for wood
    to us. Thanks Joe! So for 5hrs we just painted the ramp and got the
    majority of the structure all painted.

    January 18, 2008
    DAY 6
    Finally! After a long wait and some delays with our filmer we were able to grab one of our friends filmer from WachDoIt.com to help film for a short period today.

    were beginning construction on the landing bank today and were running
    2 saws through the same outlet at once to make up for the short amount
    of time that we had to build with. So no more than 5 mins into cutting
    the circuit breakers blew out! We flipped all the switches and that
    didn' (TM)t help, we decided to swap outlets and one of the saws started
    working then. But after halfway cutting a 16ft piece of a 8x4 in half
    Scoffman blew out the extension cord.
    Just one incident after
    another, needless to say nothing much happened in the 3hrs we had that
    day except we got all the wood cut for the bank and all that needs to
    be done is to assemble it and build the runway.
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    November 18, 2007
    DAY 5
    So today we started around noon and planned on finishing the structure for the ramp. Dillan was back again and Moonman had work to do again. We only had to build 1 more piece. So we took the runway we built last night and set it up like we did with the rest of them. Custom measured and cut struts with braces to stabilize it. We were almost out of wood, and had to look for some good scrap wood that we could salvage. We ended up taking apart one of our regular 2ft launch ramps we had laying around and using the 2x4s in that.

    While Jarred and Dillan were working on cutting some more wood, I had to go grab some paper and pencil and sketch out the rollin. I had to facture a lot of things into it. The ramp was at 15ft so I needed to find the correct angle and then
    let it rise until it got to the 16ft marker that we were going for. I finally got the plans the plans back to our workshop area and starting tracing out the transition for the roll out deck. A little less than an hour later we started building it and carried it out to do the finally assembly on the ramp. Again once it was bolted in place the struts hammered in and braces attached, it was done. Finally, were done with the structure and the sun was setting, pretty good weekend I must say, we got a lot done.

    But it was still not quite over. Haha We had to break it all down now and disassemble it off the levee. Since were not
    allowed to build anything on it, we had to make it detachable and we ended up taking the top 3 pieces down in about 15mins. Now wiped and ready to take a shower all of us head off with a Monster in hand. Not for Shinoda though, he was getting light headed after smoking and drinking 4 monsters throughout the day. Yikes! Must have felt pretty
    good! Next time we' (TM)ll be working on building the landing bank and hopefully finish this before the end of the year.
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