These are the account of Scoffman and his life through the filming and build of a mini mega ramp named The Scoff Project

  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - In Between Build Days

    In Between Build Days

    March 7, 2005
    so another wacked day at The Scoff Project. We got things planned out
    and ready. We were to get the camera man here with the VX2000 around
    noon. An after working a bit on doing some prep work painting a few
    sheets of ply then screwing it down against the ramp. Our camera guy
    came and dropped off the camera and said he couldn' (TM)t film because he
    had to take his mother to the hospital, alright good reason, no problem
    right? We always have at least 3 people building so we will just have
    one builder switch now. Well, right before that our camera guy got
    here, Dillan left around 11:30am for some business. Leaving just
    Scoffman and Jarred with no one to switch over to filming.

    So no
    filming got done that day. We didn' (TM)t even bother brining the camera out
    really. Just finished screwing in a the last of 3 sheets of ply and
    custom fit the transition (on the way down to the ground from the
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