These are the account of Scoffman and his life through the filming and build of a mini mega ramp named The Scoff Project

  • THE SCOFF PROJECT - The Nightmare Begins

    March 18, 2008
    So one random afternoon Jason was outside working on his car and a city water district truck comes up the driveway. A man comes out and asks him ' Is that your ramp back there?' Jason answered ' Yes' hoping the man was going to admire it and want him to build a ramp for his kid.

    Well its not supposed to be on the levee, your going to have to take it down' Jason just froze and tried to work things out and give a viable argument to keep the ramp on the levee or just allow 2 days for it to be there. One for the tests runs and two for actual ' Jump Day.' The man said he would call his supervisor and get back to me but as of now the
    ramp has to be removed ASAP from the levee.

    This is giving us some set backs which we don't need for the project, Jason has schedule a meeting on Wednesday to meet up with Jerry Lakeman the supervisor/ director for this levee along with their lawyer. Hopefully everything works out in the end.

    March 25, 2008
    So a few days later we weren't able to get our builders to come out and help tare down the ramp. We use to have camera man problems now were having builder problems not showing up and its causing more delays. Besides the point I' (TM)m very greatfull for all there help and the city actually volunteered four of there own workers to help break down the ramp. As you see in the photo above we complete broke down the ramp and shoved it inside the gap and scooted the ramp back 2ft also. The apparent rule is nothing is allowed to be built on the levee or within 20ft of it. So were all sort a bummed at the moment, hopefully things will go better tomorrow as Jason has his meeting with the Fresno Metropolitan Water Control Districts supervisor.

    March 26, 2008
    The Meeting
    What can I say, Jason had the meeting today at 11am. Got all dressed up, wore the slacks, dress shirt, and tie with a pair of patent shoes. Looking his best to show that he means business and that he was serious about coming up with a solution so the ramp could at least have 2 days on the levee for the ' test runs' and ' jump day' . Trying to work and
    show the points that the ramp was not hurting the instructional integrity of the hill and that they would be free from liability issues. Even that, were doing this to help Grind for Life the non-profit organization were working with.

    After much talk and discussion it seemed like they were listening and might be swayed to allow us those 2 days, but no. It wasn't going to happen, the liability they said on there end is well establish with a 20million dollar
    insurance plan, but they didn't want to risk it. (I was just informed a few days later the largest sum of money for a lawsuit case involving skateboarding was only $80,000) That and that they are having to go through a new process of checking the levees and determine there strength for a new certification process they have to go through. So a
    double ' no' on it now; Jason tried his hardest in the best terms to try to work something out, but it didn't help. He even used the line ' Think about the children!' haha Everyone laughed but that was it, just a friendly way to break the end of the meeting.

    As of now we have decided to absolutely continue on with the building of the Scoff Project. This set back will
    not deter us from canceling all the hard work and sweat we have put into this along with our fantastic sponsors been with us throughout the process; it will be finished!

    March 30, 2008

    There's a new development in the project. Someone has come forward with a proposition that might greatly help getting the mini mega ramp back up at its 16ft rollin height. Not sure if it will go through though. If you would like to help us out and be a part of The Scoff Project: please leave a donation for us. We would greatly appreciate it and put your name in the credits of the DVD for helping support us. Thank you!
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