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    mcdmm124 says:

    "sounds and looks like fun!!"

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    letsgo19 says:

    "I know what you mean.My 3 boys love that same feeling when they board .I am very emotional when i watch them and the looks on their faces are priceless.With the music playing on the tower the sun on the water,forget it, not all people will ever know that emotion! Enjoy!!!!!"

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  • Nor Cal Convergence

    Heads up to the West Coasters out there. Nor Cal Convergence is taking place this weekend in good ole Wheatland, CA. I know a few folks that are making the trek from Orlando to CA just for this mellow time to throw down. Rumor has it that the Tahoe crew has constructed their fair share of new rails to hit...stoked to see what goes down with that. This is your chance to skip work on Friday, camp out, shred, and make new pals. Don't miss it. peace

    Nor-Cal Convergence
    Camp Far West Lake
    Wheatland, CA
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  • A Word from our Friends at Integrity Wakeskates


    Integrity Wake LLC. Announces the ' Rider Stimulus Plan'

    Our ' Rider Stimulus Plan' is to help keep the sport of wake skating
    growing while boating and water sports sales are currently plummeting.
    Integrity has always been a high end wake skate company that provided
    high quality, durable, composite wake skates, while every other company
    was focused on low end wood decks. We filled a growing demand and
    provided advanced skates to a progressing niche market. This niche
    group was not being catered to by the mainstream brands. Our products
    were generally more expensive because of the quality of materials we
    use. In five years of board production we have had one warranty claim!
    Today, we offer many firsts in our industry with Bamboo cores and 91A
    Urethane side walls all made in the USA. No other company out there
    offers what we offer, especially for the price. Naturally the
    technology we use is more expensive than a typical wood wake skate made
    somewhere overseas or domestically. Until now! Today we are seeing many
    mainstream brands marking up their products trying to compete with our
    product. Basically, the larger brands are selling the same thing they
    have been making for the past 5 years and just increasing their prices.

    We at Integrity have been dialing in our manufacturing process and
    lowering our costs with new types of materials and processes. We wish
    to give back to our supporters and provide an easy entry level deck for
    new wake skaters to join our sport. We want to help keep our sport
    growing during these hard times without sacrificing quality. Our new
    stimulus products include the ' Simplex' and the ' Dada' .

    The ' Simplex' is a 9 ply birch concave deck with urethane sidewalls,
    PBT top and bottom sheets, flat base/no channels, sublimated graphics,
    minus our ' centra-fused' core but still center weighted. Neutral
    buoyancy and a lower profile rail help the deck sit lower in the water.
    This deck weighs in at 10.5 lbs. and fits what a wood wake skate purist
    wants in weight and feel. Ryan Lemons says ' It' (TM)s not anything like any
    of the Integrity' (TM)s I' (TM)ve ridden before. It' (TM)s a way different feel and
    weight...it will be great for thoses looking for a heavier skate.' The
    ' Simplex' deck is Available in 2 sizes - the 40.23' and 38.65' . It is
    still the high quality you expect from us, just priced right for a
    beginner to mid level rider.

    MSRP $245.00

    The ' Dada' is a 5 ply wood blend flat deck with urethane sidewalls, PBT
    top and bottom sheets, flat base/no channels, sublimated graphic, minus
    our ' centra-fused' core. This deck weighs in at 10 lbs. and is aimed at
    helping new people enter our sport at a low price. One size available ' "
    41 inches. It is still the high quality you expect from us but priced
    right for an entry level rider.

    MSRP $125.00

    We are offering all of our past buyers a $25.00 discount and free
    domestic ground shipping on our wake skate line with the exception of
    the two new Simplex and DaDa models. This new pricing is for a limited
    time only. Our current 2009 will remain the same price minus the repeat
    buyer discount...just enter repeat buyer in the comment box during
    check out and we will check our records and credit you back $25.00 plus
    the shipping cost.

    We now have skates ready to ship and back orders are shipping in 7-10
    days or less. Please Contact us through our website at
    sales@integrity-wake.com or at 541-552-5323 for more info.

    Thanks for all the support'

    Happy Landings'
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  • Wake Games Extra Photos

    Wake Games Extra Photos
    Yo guys. Just uploaded some more photos from Wake Games. Check it out and enjoy. They're courtesy of Barry Vaught, photographer.
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  • Fuel TV's Daily Habit Tonight!

    Yo crew. Here's a heads up to check Daily Habit tonight on FuelTV at 9:00 pm EST. Featured on it are Billabong's and "Out of the Pond's" contributors, Brian Grubb and Kevin Henshaw. Don't be the one person that does not see this episode. Tune in.
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  • Rockstar Rail Jam-Stop 2 of Byerly Toe Jam

    Byerly Toe Jam Stop 2
    Rockstar Rail Jam Finals
    Toe Jam Stop #2

    Orlando, Fla.: The sport of wakeskating took another step forward today at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida for stop number two on the Toe Jam Wakeskate Series to determine which rider would win the Rockstar Rail Jam title.

    37 riders ripped the glassy waters in the world's most progressive rail park and the level of riding is progressing faster than ever. After a heated 16-man head-to-head battle, the final four consisted of Ben Horan vs. Reed Hansen and Nick Taylor vs. Brandon Thomas.

    Hansen was solid on all the rails, but most notable about his riding today was the fact that he stuck three 360 flips and three backside big flips throughout the rounds, helping send him to the final against Nick Taylor. Taylor's final run was near flawless, with a kickflip, boardslide big spin off the Nike 6.0 incline, switch back lip on the Rockstar flat rail, varial flip, frontside flip, backside flip and back lip shove off the Nike 6.0 incline.

    Hansen's final run came complete with his signature line of 3-shove, varial flip, backside big spin, frontside flip, kickflip, and he followed that up with a back lip shove off the Rockstar flat bar, switch boardslide shove and a switch front board. However his deadly streak of 360 flips came to an end, with Hansen picking up three falls before time ran out, making Taylor the standout rider.

    Taylor pulled off a repeat today as the Rockstar Rail Jam champion and is at the top of his game. "To be able to ride that good in front of everyone is the best feeling,"Taylor said. "This event had a classic Toe Jam vibe that has been there since day one. Just another fun day on the water at the Projects with super good conditions, nice flat bars and inclines. It's great to be back riding with everyone and having fun, that's what it's all about."

    The next event on the Toe Jam Series will be the Rockstar Wake Jam at Nautique headquarters outside of Orlando, Florida on June 5-6. The fourth and final event, the Rockstar Cable Jam will be July 3-4 at the Orlando Watersports Complex. For more info, photos and results, go to http://www.byerlytoejam.com. For more info on The Projects, go to, http://www.theprojectspark.com.

    Scott Byerly would like to thank Rockstar Energy Drink and O'Neill for their undying support of the Toe Jam as well as Nike 6.0, Hyperlite, Arnette and Sea-Doo. "Without these guys, there would be no Toe Jam as we know it and a lot of them have been behind it since day one."

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