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    Name:angelic graham
    Nickname:So Naive
    Lives In:Memphis, Tennessee
    United States
    Birthday:April 14, 1986
  • About

    "SO-NAIVE- Biography SO NAIVE is a Hot new Rap artist to hit the Map, much to the excitement of her already sizeable army of fans. With the album expected to be a success, fame and entertainment, the exciting, new fabalous sound that she have made is certain to gain interest from across the world. The development of her unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up around a talented musical family friends means that (So Naive) was always surrounded by different forms of music. their manager was a full-time music balla dealing with various bands, and their manager D$Money exposed her to a wealth of music as a rap artist, all of which influenced her development. "
    - SO NAIVE,Her first experience into learning music for herself came when she started to sing at the age of 6 years old. Later she began to sing alto at mount zion bapitist church, which she continued with for four years before finally picking up a mic at the age of 13, a decision which she never looked back from.

    (Naive) musical journey did not begin in her home town , however. Born in HOUSTON TX , it was in Tennessee that she developed her musical tastes and interests, and it wasn't long after picking up a mic that she was experimenting with the traditional rappers (Pimp C - LiL Weebie - Scrappy- Remy MA - Guccie Mane and 8 Ball & MJG, followed by meny more, all of which have had a profound influence on the direction her musical journey has taken.