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    Name:Scott Smith
    Lives In:San Francisco Studios
    234 Redhawk
    Novato, California
    United States
    Heroes:Regan, Smith, Phillips, Schwartzkopf, Lincoln, dad etc...
    Music:Jazz, symphonies, classic rock and country soul...
    Movies:Pay it forward, plus anything w/ The Duke or Clint.
    Shows:NCIS, NCIS,LA, Blue Bloods, Revenge and a few sitcoms etc... Deuce and a half men is still funny but not as good as w/ Charlie?
    Interests:Boating, photography, diving, fishing, kicking anyone's ass under 30... lol
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    I love to broadcast sports talk and Business Talk Radio. I like sharing a story and bringing the listener to support my sponsors. I like to sell. Personally, I love anything boating excepting cleaning! (humor attempt). I love to cook, pair wines with dishes and share casual media (music or videos). Travel is a key component to my existence on earth.
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    Not all my friends are socially proper?

    Not all my friends are socia..

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    Looking forward to creating and sharing new IPTV programs for 2012

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