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  • Lakewood Bullet Points

    The Battle of the Ryans
    Ryan Villopoto (left) and Ryan Dungey (right), as represented by these fans, were also battling on the track all day. (Photo: CoxMX.com)
    Ryan Villopoto went 1-2 on the day for second overall. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Ryan Dungey went 2-1 for first overall. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Chad Reed, here in practice, went 3-3 for third overall but still holds the points lead going into RedBud next weekend. (Photo: CoxMX.com)The first 450 moto gets going (Photo: Sheryl Crawford/CoxMX.com)Tommy Hahn (12) was down in the first turn in the first 450 moto, but came from way, way back for 11th place in the moto. (Photo: Sheryl Crawford/CoxMX.com)
    Hahn returned in moto two for his best moto finish of the season with fifth place and grabbed sixth overall. Here, in practice, he throws a whip for bonus points in front of his Motoconcepts Yamaha hauler. (Photo: CoxMX.com)After a stint filling in at the JGR/Toyota/Muscle Milk Yamaha team, Les Smith signed on with the Rockstar Energy Suzuki team. Going from a 450 to a 250F at altitude must've been quite an adjustment. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Jimmy Albertson returned to action at Lakewood and went 12-12 for 12th overall. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Christian Craig (144) led the first 450 moto for a while before falling back to sixth. He went down on the start in moto two with Jake Weimer and still caught back up to 15th. He finished eighth overall and is currently 10th in the points standings. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Josh Grant (right), in his second race back for Honda, ended up injuring his formerly healthy knee at Lakewood. An MRI is upcoming, but it's possible he may be out injured again. (Photo: CoxMX.com)The second 450 start saw Chad Reed (22) grab the holeshot. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Craig (144) and Jake Weimer (32) were down in turn one but came back to 15th (Craig) and 16th (Weimer) in the moto. (Photo: CoxMX.com)It was a very tough day for Weimer. Here, in the first moto, he gets up from his second fall in the opening two laps, where he lost his balance in a very long, very deep rut. The crash took about 50 yards from first bobble to fall. He likes RedBud, though... (Photo: CoxMX.com)A lot of the teams are running tanks that run over stock capacity. Here, Chad Reed's bike sports a carbon-fiber tank with an increased capacity. Ryan Dungey's bike also has about a liter more fuel capacity than it did when the outdoor season started. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Erin Bates jokes with Lars in the TwoTwo Motorsports pits. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Hello. Is your phone number "30"? (Photo: CoxMX.com)Kevin Windham was supposed to be in his final race for Honda at Colorado, but if Josh Grant is hurt too bad to race RedBud, we could see Windham keep going. He went 4-4 for fourth overall. He's very competitive at 33. (Photo: CoxMX.com)A Muscle Milk-sponsored racer won the Muscle Milk Recovery Award, as Davi Millsaps was down a lap early in the first 450 moto and finished 24th, but was sixth in moto two. (Photo: CoxMX.com)The 450 podium. It's a common trio. (Photo: CoxMX.com)In the 250 class, most of the battles out front were between these two: Blake Baggett (57) and Dean Wilson (15). (Photo: CoxMX.com)Baggett went 1-1 on the day for yet another win. He has won three nationals of the five run so far. He's dangerous. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Tyla Rattray lost the points lead to Dean Wilson in Colorado after going 5-5 to Wilson's 2-2. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Eli Tomac laying it flat in the second 250 moto. Tomac went 3-3 for third overall. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Baggett celebrates his second-moto win. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Baggett's second-moto victory was helped significantly by grabbing the holeshot. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Kyle Cunningham was up front in the first 250 moto before his bike suffered a mechanical. And because he finished 40th due to the failure, he got the last gate pick for moto two. Still, he pulled off an eighth place in the second moto. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Lance Vincent, a fill-in rider for the GEICO Honda team, was having the moto of his life in the second 250 moto, running second and falling back to fourth five laps in when his bike reportedly gave up the ghost, which is very rare for that team. (Photo: CoxMX.com)The 250 podium. (Photo: CoxMX.com)The podium was slanted at Lakewood. The girls are standing upright - or at least attempting to. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Darryn Durham was impressive at Lakewood on his way to 4-6 moto finishes for fourth overall. He's a hot commodity in silly season now, with rumors putting him at Rockstar Energy Suzuki, although other rumors have him going to the GEICO Honda team as well. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Blake Baggett celebrates his 1-1 performance at altitude. (Photo: CoxMX.com)Eli Tomac and Dean Wilson do battle on the podium. (Photo: CoxMX.com)She's going to have funny tan lines. (Photo: CoxMX.com)
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