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  • What Really Happened: Lakewood

    Most of the What Really Happened columns this outdoor season have focused on the 450 class, and there are plenty of reasons for that. However, what really happened in Colorado is that we learned that Blake Baggett is flat-out the fastest racer in the 250 class right now. Period.

    Prior to this weekend, I'd have said his winning pattern was inconsistent, but it's actually pretty consistent now. Blake Baggett wins every other weekend. He won round one, crashed out of the lead in the opening moto at round two in Texas, won round three at High Point, had another terrible day at Budds Creek, and then won Colorado.

    And here's the thing: Every win has been absolutely dominant. Now, sure, at Hangtown, he didn't even win the first moto, but what he did do was come from way, way behind for second, then come from behind to win the second moto. At Texas, he had a massive lead after only two laps and then hit a hole and went over the bars, ruining his entire day. Then he was so dominant at High Point that he came from behind to win the first moto, then crashed out of the lead in moto two with a spectacular highside, got up, and then chased down former world champ Tyla Rattray, passed him, and pulled away for the win.

    Then, at Budds Creek, Baggett looked like a different person. He struggled to seventh in the first moto, then came from basically dead last to grab another seventh place in the second moto. While the second moto was impressive, it still wasn't the Blake Baggett we had seen at the two nationals he had won up to that date.
    Blake Baggett has won three of the five AMA Nationals run so far, but still sits third in points due to his finishes at the other two... (Photo: CoxMX.com)

    Texas is easy to understand because of the big crash he had, but Budds is harder to explain away. Still, Baggett said after the race in Colorado that he just doesn't like Budds Creek, and remember Budds is where his season ended last year after he went down and badly broke his arm in the same spot that claimed Davi Millsaps for the year that same day.

    But in Colorado, Baggett was unstoppable again. He came from behind to pass his way through the top racers in the sport, including Justin Barcia and teammate Dean Wilson, to take the lead and take off for the win in the first moto, then he got the holeshot in moto two and never looked back.

    When Baggett is on, it seems like he's untouchable. It's only through luck (so far) that he has only been "on" every other weekend. Will we see him falter yet again at RedBud this weekend? If the pattern holds true, we will, but it seems Baggett is set on breaking that pattern. If he does, his competition is going to have to step it up a notch.
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