• Mini-bio

    My name is Brandon Pennington, I am a 29 year old casterboarder, my primary discipline is vert, I have been inspired throughout my 6 year skate career by the guys in my fan list(above), and my friends, I love skating and learning about its history and how it has progressed over the years. I also enjoy watching other extreme sports and trying them out. At the moment, I am co-editor of "Casterboarding Mag", co-founder of "Casterfest" and working on my own venture known as "Ride United!". Casterfest is a non-profit organization designed to bring riders from around the world who share an interest in casterboarding and involves a camp for riders to ride with the pros and learn the tricks and techniques they will need to help progress. Ride United! is a group I created to continue the idea of casterfest and try to keep our riders connected and to work as a team to progress the sport and the brotherhood. Casterboarding is a new form of skateboarding, it combines skateboarding with snowboarding and surfing, it`s a little harder, but it is still fun. For info on these type boards: www.twxtm.com

    www.myspace.com/streetsurfmagoria.... hit me up!
    My vids.: www.youtube.com/user/mctownblue, www.youtube.com/user/dcwsom, www.youtube.com/user/darksk8r09.

    ** If you are interested in casterboarding, (ripstiking, waveboarding), check out our new communities on Facebook at Ride United!, Casterboarding!, Casterboarding Mag. Plus, you can check us out on Youtube at Ride4United.

    Here is the link to our new tour film...http://youtu.be/sV3LaBTBbuA

    sponsor: Timber Wolf XtreeM
  • My Info

    Lives In:McMinnville, Tennessee
    United States
    Birthday:August 9, 1982
    Heroes:anyone who dares to push the norm and be different, no matter what sport it is.
    Music:rock, metal, punk, and anything that has a good rhythm
    Movies:anything skate related
    Shows:who needs tv? when u can sk8!