• Interview: Rob Machado

    by jeff mull
    photo: glaser

    Rob Machado is a busy man these days. Between scheduling an upcoming concert tour, showcasing his movie, and traveling the world for surf, it's a wonder he has any free time at all. Amid a crammed schedule, we managed to pencil ourselves in for an interview to get his thoughts on going back on tour, dealing with nerves, and hosting a Pro Junior contest/superhero themed golf tournament. Yes, you read that last part right.

    So you've got a concert tour coming up. Can you compare the feeling of going on stage versus putting on a jersey and competing in an important heat?

    Yeah, there's a lot of butterflies in both. That's where they're both similar to me. A lot of nerves. I've always thought that if you're up there in an important heat or on stage performing and you're not nervous, then something is wrong. To me, it means that you kinda quit caring. So the nerves are a good thing.

    So when you see Kelly still winning events, is there ever a part of you that wants to go back on tour?

    Yeah, there is a little part of me that wishes I could be back out there. But it takes so much work to get there and compete at that level. A lot of it is really mentally taxing. Like you'll show up to an event and be feeling really good and your boards are really working good and you'll lose in the first heat and be like, "what just happened?" And that can turn into a cycle where you start blaming things. Like your boards aren't working or finding other reasons why you're not surfing well. And then you have to pack your stuff and do it all over again in a few weeks. It can be really exhausting. So when I start thinking about all of that stuff, going back and competing isn't quite as appealing.

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