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    Name:Donna M. Avery
    Lives In:East & West Coast Beaches, Florida
    United States
    Birthday:January 9, 1965
    Heroes:All girls who charge with out intimidation or fear, mentor's for girls in surfing, skating and the other extreme sports, setting the pace for future girls entering the field of extreme sports. Disabled Surfers Defying the odds!!
    Music:I like most music except for whiny stuff, don't like anything promoting violence,drugs, gangs or other deviant behavior,foul language, bad influences to others especiallly our youths.
    Movies:Fantasy,Adventures,Comedy,Westerns, Remakes,re-enactments,Biographies on people in USA History since the founding of our Nation, the people who made history, impacts,differences in founding of nation, and responsible of the growth of technology to present. Movies and documentires on the history of the surfing culture. Most extreme sports have come from surfing in origin!
    Shows:Building web sites that come alive and have resources available,causes I support,personal stuff,enviromentalissues, famous friends, family fun and travel, my surfing life too...
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    Skill Level: Pro Athlete
    10+ Years Experience
    3 - 5 Years Competing
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    ( I am in video at 7:40 and still shots at (9:38 and 9:49)

    Given Permission to Post by Dr Diana Wehrell-Grabpwski
    Filmed & edited by Dr. Diana Wehrell-Grabowski. Life Rolls On Foundation is a non-profit organization that exists to be a grassroots resource that provides help and is an advocate on behalf of young people whose lives have been affected by spinal cord injuries.
    Life Rolls On Foundation's program called "They Will Surf Again" is an adptive surf program where people with disabilities mostly with spinal cord injuries get the chance to surf. Some have never surfed before, some surf all the time, and some have not surfed since sustaining their injury.


    Tags: LRO TWSA surfing spinal cord injuries handicapped athlete paraplegic quadriplegic hemipelgic paralyzed disabled surfer wheelchair physical therapy disabledathlete rehabilitation extremesports inspirational GasBand Life Rolls On they will surf again Vertimax SCI=(spinal Chord Injuries)

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    Camera's just a day to late!

    Camera's just a day to late!

    7 years ago


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