• Sebastian Beach One Fine Day Film Release

    "Sebastian Beach One Fine Day" is a documentary film produced by husband and wife team William and Anais Yeager who use Sebastian Florida as a backdrop and location to probe our spiritual identities as a surfer, in and out of the water. Their mission was to film the surfing world in an enigmatic way through a transcendental vision; one that captures simplicity, serenity, solitude, peace and reconnects us to the inner child and innocence that every surfer experiences when they paddle into the ocean for the very first time.

    "Sebastian Beach One Fine Day" filmed exclusively in Sebastian Beach Florida examines "the love of surfing", the art of surfing, and the end of surfing for some of those who quit due to circumstances, aging, or lost interest.

    Sebastian Beach One Fine Day is an esoteric, poetic look at growing up, while trying to comprehend the powerful presence of the ocean and what it means to be a surfer in the purist sense of the word. The Yeager's vision was to capture the profound essence and innocence of being a surfer and motivate those who gave up surfing to go back to the ocean .

    The Yeager's created a surf shack similar to the ones in Malibu in the early 1960's in a remote place on Sebastian Beach. The beach shack called "El Escondite" ( the hidden place) is where the couple filmed and composed the music for the film. Yeager spent his early years driving up the coast for 40 years escaping from a deteriorating fast paced and jaded society, never desiring to be more than a stand up surfer, Yeager's camera reveals his appreciation for life and contemplates his future as an aging surfer and artist and shares knowledge and enthusiasm with his wife Anais from Spain who is just beginning to learn how to surf.

    Sebastian is known for the Inlet and famous peak which gets all the attention, but the Yeager's lived and filmed in the small 3 mile area that reveals vast open land and sea scape with uncrowded breaks, where people ride alone with nothing more than the dolphins.

    Yeager composed all the music for the soundtrack playing every instrument that include styles as diverse as surfjazz, rock, latin, and spanish gypsy music, he also wrote the soundtracks songs on location; "Monster Hole" "Spanish House" Long Point" are all surfing breaks that are featured accompanied by the custom made songs.

    The production quality is reminiscent of the 60's and 70's The film was shot with special lenses like the film era of the French impressionists where the Yeager's camera shows an intimate look at every element of the beauty of surfing, from the travels, waxing your first board, finding your own little secret break, to the salt that clings to your face.

    Every surfer at their home break fantasizes of finding their solitude, and secret spot, surfing perfect waves with soulful intentions. The Yeager's show why Sebastian is not your average surfing destination.

    Hall of Fame Dick Catri is featured, however there are no talking heads, the scenes, music and simple narration tell the story that every surfer has experienced but perhaps has forgotten.

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