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    badoo says:

    "Im goin to this."

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Dew tour is cool, but I'm psyched to c Nyquist at X Games 17. Lots of sick riders competing ...ill b there all 4 days 7/28-31, so i hope to meet him!"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "why isn't nigel in x games 17? He's got a sick style. i;m going to bmx big air and moto-x at x 17. psyched!! 7-28- 31!"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Psyched to see Josh at X Games 17! I will be there! (7/28-7/31) here I come Los Angeles!!!"

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  • RANGE of MOTION updates

    Finally. Ride BMX released some updates about their upcoming video RANGE of MOTION. I'll also include some Dew Tour updates in this post from ride...

    Southern California BMX riders listen up! The premiere for this epic video will be at THEIR OFFICE in Tustin, CA. Address 1421 Edinger Avenue Suite D. October 23rd at 6 pm. Check the pic below for all of that information you know and go down FURTHER for the trailer for the video, which probably doesn't do the epicness justice. This video WILL be epic.

    They're leaving you without a lot to imagine with this trailer, so you know what you have to do...

    Now for Dew Tour Orlando updates from RIDEBMX:

    In vert, the top 7 from qualifying go (from seventh to first) Francisco COCO Zurita (hell yeah the high flyer), Simon Tabron, Vince Byron, Jimmy Walker, Tim Wood, Kevin Robinson, and Austin... Coleman...

    OH! That's right, Jamie Bestwick, Steven McCann, and Chad Kagy AUTOMATICALLY advance to the finals for being tour leaders... phew, I got scared.

    In dirt, the top 9 from qualifying go (from ninth to first) Cameron White, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler, Chris Gerber, Chris Doyle, Rob Darden, TJ Ellis, Colton Satterfield, and Anthony Napolitan. These nine will also ride against the top three automatic qualifiers Ryan Nyquist, Brandon Dosch, and Dennis Enarson. DIG IT!

    Click HERE for vert photos, HERE for a vert video, HERE for dirt photos, and HERE for a dirt video. All from RIDE!!!
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