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    badoo says:

    "Im goin to this."

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Dew tour is cool, but I'm psyched to c Nyquist at X Games 17. Lots of sick riders competing ...ill b there all 4 days 7/28-31, so i hope to meet him!"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "why isn't nigel in x games 17? He's got a sick style. i;m going to bmx big air and moto-x at x 17. psyched!! 7-28- 31!"

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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Psyched to see Josh at X Games 17! I will be there! (7/28-7/31) here I come Los Angeles!!!"

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  • X Games 15 Invites for BMX Announced by HSA

    X Games BMX Announcement
    First round of X Games 15 invites announced by HSA (Hoffman Sports Association):

    "Hoffman Sports Association Announces First Round of BMX Invites for ESPN's X Games 15

    OKLAHOMA CITY ' " The Hoffman Sports Association announced today the
    first round of invites for the BMX Freestyle competitions for ESPN's X
    Games 15, to be held July 30-August 2 in Los Angeles.

    Invitees Include:

    Big Air:

    Chad Kagy, Dave Mirra, & Kevin Robinson (Prequalified)

    Steven McCann

    Morgan Wade


    Daniel Dhers, Diogo Canina, Rob Darden (Prequalified)

    Dennis Enarson

    Gary Young

    Ryan Nyquist

    Morgan Wade

    Chase Hawk

    Cory Bohan

    Scotty Cranmer

    Brian Foster

    Alistair Whitton

    Chris Doyle


    Jamie Bestwick, Chad Kagy, Steven McCann (Prequalified)

    Simon Tabron

    Dennis McCoy

    Jmmy Walker

    Kevin Robinson


    Garrett Reynolds, Van Homan, Sean Sexton (Prequalified)

    Dakota Roche

    Brian Kachinsky

    Aaron Ross

    Corey Martinez

    Nathan Williams

    Ty Morrow

    A second and final round of invites will be announced on June 15 and
    will include one (1) invite for Big Air, three (3) invites for Vert,
    three (3) invites for Street and seven (7) invites for SuperPark.

    The SuperPark, Vert and Street competitions will be held at the Home
    Depot Center in Carson, CA, and the Big Air competition will be held at
    the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. A detailed scheduled will
    be released soon.

    The Hoffman Sports Association (H.S.A.) was established in 1991 by
    the legendary BMX Freestyle athlete and entrepreneur Mat Hoffman and is
    one of the leading BMX Freestyle events organizers in the World. The
    H.S.A. has worked with ESPN for nearly 13 years to organize all its BMX
    competitions including all international X Games events. For more
    information about the H.S.A., visit www.hsabmx.com."

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  • SE x DC fixed gear bicycle

    SE x DC
    Sorry if you are a fixie-hater, but I love SE bicycles and DC shoes. Fixed gear bicycles are... okay.

    Here is a press release on SE and DC's collab project on this bicycle...

    "DC is proud to introduce the PK Ripper Fixed Gear, the third
    installment in a series of limited edition bike projects from DC and SE
    Racing, all designed to embrace the heritage of the brand and the
    sport. A collector's item, the PK Ripper Fixed Gear bike production
    will be limited to only 2,500 bikes worldwide.

    The Fixed
    Gear collaboration mixes a touch of 1970's bike nostalgia with modern
    bike performance features. Inspirations for the PK Ripper Fixed Gear
    bike's design aesthetic stem directly from the original DC x SE Racing
    PK Ripper collaboration. The new fixed gear bike design details are
    directly inspired from the classic PK Ripper BMX bike, complete with
    Floval tubing, Landing Gear fork and Looptail rear end. This blend of
    old school BMX and a modern fixed gear bike not only takes its cues
    from the PK Ripper BMX construction but also its colorways' "Matte Black
    and Ball Burnished Silver.

    DC and SE Racing first joined
    together in 2007 for their exclusive limited edition project ' 30 Years
    of Radness.' The project honored 30-plus years of BMX history, and DC
    and SE Racing celebrated with a re-release of the PK Ripper bike in its
    original aesthetic for an exclusive limited edition quantity. In 2008,
    DC and SE Racing joined forces once again with the release of the DC x
    SE Racing 24' Quadangle. The Quadangle, or the Quad Looptail as it was
    known, was a 1980's freestyle classic, and for the second collaboration
    DC and SE Racing re-released the BMX bike in for the first time ever,
    in a 24' version the same classic frame.

    The DC PK Ripper
    Fixed Gear bike's Matte Black and Ball Burnished Silver colorways will
    both be limited to only 1,250 each worldwide. The bike will be
    available for $1,000 at select boutiques and specialty bike shops
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  • Chad Shackelford Videos

    What? You don't know who Chad Shackelford is? Well, do you watch BMX videos? Okay, good.

    Did you like Odyssey's latest DVD "Electronical?" Did you like the latest work with Sunday Bikes' web videos?
    Or maybe you know more about the SHOOK interactive BMX videos in which Chad played a big part with ninetofive films...

    Now you know! Well. Chad got on vimeo recently and the BMX community is stoked because we get to see... well... enough words, see for yourself!

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  • Josh Perry Interview

    Josh Perry won this year's JoMoPro contest and also took best trick I believe with a 360 bar catch bar catch to whip. I know that probably does not make sense to even the riders out there but basically he is doing a 360, two bar spins, and THEN a tail whip... which should not be possible. Either way, he ran through Jersey recently and stopped by Staff BMX to do this video interview and there is even some quality riding at the end so if you don't like talk... just skip it I suppose. But watch this video nonetheless...

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  • Chris Childs Interview

    When anybody refers to a person as a "hybrid" of Mike Aitken and Chase Hawk... that says more than anything else in BMX. Though i myself would not throw around such extreme claims as that, Cody York seems to give Chris Childs the credit and he does deserve it. Watching Chris ride you notice two things, height and bike control. height comes from speed pretty much. going fast at the ramp and not thinking "too fast" but rather "I am going to use all of this speed on this ramp." hard to explain but let me tell you when I am going fast at a ramp usually I am thinking... "SHIT!"

    Chris describes riding under the support of DK Bicycles, his band, his riding style, some of his favorite things in life, etc.

    Also do not hesitate to go on the internet and look up videos of him. You will not be disappointed.

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