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    simpelsession says:

    "We have a new event coming up on 5-7th of February 2010. It is going to be Simpel Sessions 10th Year Anniversary and best Simpel Session to date!"

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    ehawk7 says:

    "its a tough life."

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    Reserved says:

    "ow ow owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww"

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    Teddy Parker

    Teddy Parker says:

    "Ride's embed player sucks hard. I want those rims and tires..."

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  • New Etnies Site/Sergio Layos Interview

    The Etnies site just got a little facelift, and they launched it with part one of a full-length interview with Spain's Sergio Layos. Here's an excerpt:

    You got any good stories from traveling so much?
    Every trip has something funny for sure. One time, I was with you, I kinda got robbed - they took my credit card and all my money. So I got some money from you guys and I went to Mexico and got robbed again. It was like two weeks without any money. Kinda made me realize you don't need money to be happy and travel. As long as you have food and somewhere to stay. My trip wasn't bad at all. I was happy, rode everyday, visited places. Kinda made me realize you don't need much to be happy. If you do what you wanna do that's all you need.

    Check out the rest here.
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