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    Name:Tom Morin
    Lives In:Huntington Beach, California
    United States
    Birthday:April 2, 1983
    Heroes:Anybody that can moon walk really good.
    Music:Anything that's good to moon walk to.
    Movies:Any flick that has good moon walking scenes.
    Shows:Any show where someone busts a mean moon walk.
    Interests:Besides moon walking. Going through portals to a parallel universe and attending tea parties with Dali and Sid on ice skates.
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    Skill Level: Amateur Athlete
    10+ Years Experience
    10+ Years Competing
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    Lakai's Voltage Tour Teaser

    Lakai's Voltage Tour Teaser

    4 years ago


    French Fred Presents Charles Collet

    French Fred Presents Charl..

    4 years ago


    A Life Remembered...Andy Irons

    A Life Remembered...Andy I..

    4 years ago


    A $lave To LA

    A $lave To LA

    4 years ago


    At Home With Benny

    At Home With Benny

    4 years ago


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    Tony Hawk

    Tony Hawk

    5 years ago

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    Plaid Attack

    Plaid Attack

    5 years ago

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    Sheck Car

    Sheck Car

    5 years ago

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    Cliche In Israel

    Thursday, December 9, 2010 3:18pm PST (4 years ago)

    In case you didn't know, there's a thriving skate scene in Israel. And to take advantage of that, and to give back, the Cliche skate team went on a little tour through the Holy Land.

    The Mazar Tov tour as it was called took Javier, Ricardo, Charles, Adrien and Boris on a little trip through on of the world's political hot spots.

    What's cool about skate footage from Israel is it's different. For the most part we haven't really seen footage from this zone. The..

    Analog In Berlin

    4 years ago


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    Posted by skatescoff February 19, 2010 01:16am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Hey bro, it was good meeting your drunk/ tipsy self at ASR. I was wondering if and maybe when we might be able to meet up to finish an interview or seeing that footage. Thanks bro!

    What is a MCnugget?


    Posted by born2_idk February 12, 2010 03:55pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    heyy suppp??


    Posted by ashleytaylor January 7, 2010 04:24pm PSTReply | Report Abuse



    Posted by buckworthswa2hc January 5, 2010 04:35pm PSTReply | Report Abuse


    just do it sk8r girl

    Posted by just do it sk8r girl December 15, 2009 07:29am PSTReply | Report Abuse



    Posted by djberm December 11, 2009 09:45am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    you prolly seen dis already but if not check it out!


    Posted by djberm December 8, 2009 02:10pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    eddie's going off today and no one on this goddamn site is reporting shit!


    Posted by arnoldbenedict October 29, 2009 11:52am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    dude...kill the pink background...you can't read a fucking thing you write without eyeballs falling out into my cereal bowl

    by the way....did i see you crowd surfing on a drum and singing out your butt this weekend? http://www.trendhure.com/wp-content/2009/canyouhearmenow.jpg


    Posted by killguy October 14, 2009 03:09pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Nce type rider! DUDE how old is that thing?!


    Posted by killguy October 10, 2009 10:48pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    dude whare have you ben in forvertex me back


    Posted by crazyskaterkid May 9, 2009 08:35pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    u mack good blogs can u give me some tips


    Reply by crazyskaterkid May 9, 2009 08:35pm PDTReport Abuse

    i mean make


    Posted by arnoldbenedict April 2, 2009 04:02pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    yeah stalin! why you regulatin this shits!? blue ribbon act! keep the internet free!

    oh yeah...have you seen this? cuz it's awesome


    Posted by djberm March 26, 2009 05:10pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    whered the comments go mussolini?

    NG V

    Posted by NG V March 24, 2009 12:28pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    kewl shit


    Reply by xxsavannahxx March 25, 2009 12:00pm PDTReport Abuse

    hey u r HOT!!!!!!!


    Posted by Reserved March 20, 2009 01:42pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    Thanks to you.... Im a lil dumber

    Tom Morin

    Reply by Tom Morin March 27, 2009 07:46pm PDTReport Abuse

    That's my objective...useless info.


    Posted by djberm March 12, 2009 11:04am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    i see u guys changed ur page to all white background on 3-11 huh. u know what 311 stands for right? 3 times the 11th alphabet KKK homes, i knew it! it makes sense to pothead conspiracy theorists

    Tom Morin

    Reply by Tom Morin March 12, 2009 03:27pm PDTReport Abuse

    How stoned were you when you thought of that.


    Reply by djberm March 12, 2009 05:26pm PDTReport Abuse

    just put it dis way, i paid 10 dollars extra cuz the guy said it was worth it and it was


    Posted by arnoldbenedict March 4, 2009 05:01pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    huntington on friday...piss yourself http://www.grindtv.com/gallery/10440/fliers+and+stuff/#133714


    Posted by SUCKMYBALLS February 27, 2009 01:36pm PSTReply | Report Abuse


    Tom Morin

    Reply by Tom Morin February 28, 2009 06:01pm PSTReport Abuse

    Howz' it


    Posted by urban_tomy February 16, 2009 08:55am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Hey, you!!!!!!
    I'm Tomina... nice to meat you...
    I just want to tell you that I enjoy reading you're blog... every time is something interesting there...

    :-*:-* by by :-*:-*

    Tom Morin

    Reply by Tom Morin February 16, 2009 11:54am PSTReport Abuse

    Hi Tomina. Thanks for the support!


    Reply by thebyc February 4, 2011 10:00am PSTReport Abuse

    Check out Noah's new segment on thebyc page

    Famous Straps

    Posted by Famous Straps February 11, 2009 05:17pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    wat up

    Tom Morin

    Reply by Tom Morin February 11, 2009 06:21pm PSTReport Abuse

    the usual. u?

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