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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Luan is dope! Stoked to check him at x games 17! street is 7/30 check out xgames.com for full list...gonna b all time!"

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    love2u says:

    "Dragonfly Bar Chiang Mai had the same kind of thing on last month, doing a movie about kitesurfing in Thiland"

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    onlineskatestore says:

    "Awesome video, Im sold on the jeans!


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    andrejamal says:

    "The video is funky as hell big hommie and the music fits...now you need art and graphics from Andre Jamal Walker, check cat daddy out www.bestpainteralive.com"

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  • Cliche In Israel

    In case you didn't know, there's a thriving skate scene in Israel. And to take advantage of that, and to give back, the Cliche skate team went on a little tour through the Holy Land.

    The Mazar Tov tour as it was called took Javier, Ricardo, Charles, Adrien and Boris on a little trip through on of the world's political hot spots.

    What's cool about skate footage from Israel is it's different. For the most part we haven't really seen footage from this zone. The park's look different, the streets look different and it's just for lack of a better word, different. I mean come on how much of Hollywood High, El Toro and those wavy things in China can you take.

    Check out some video footage below of the out, and a full video will be out early next year, stay tuned.

    Cliché Mazal Tov Israel demo from Cliché Skateboards on Vimeo.
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  • Analog In Berlin

    The crew at the Analog/Gravis skate HQ have been busy lately. The other day they released the Gravis team on tour in Europe.

    Now, today, they dropped a video of the Analog team getting thier skate on in the streets of Berlin.

    Check out Arto, Dylan, Stefan, Sammy and Gypo destroying the Deutschland:

    Berlin 2010 from Analog Clothing on Vimeo.
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  • The Lakai Voltage Tour

    Lakai, the footwear brand that brought you one of the greatest cinematic skate videos in the history of skateboarding, is back just in time for Christmas.

    This one is not on as large of a scale, and it's not years in the making, but guess what? It's free. As in an internet short video of the team on their Voltage tour through Germany, Switzerland and France. The European scenery is breathtaking as usual, the soundtrack is perfectly original (as far skate videos go) as usual and it's one of the best teams around, so guess what? The skateboarding is about as good as it gets for a skate crew on a tour schedule.

    The Crailtap crew blesses the internet and skateboarding with one of these short films a few times a year, so if you've seen any of the Girl, Chocolate and Fourstar editions this one's along the same lines. But we never get old of it, right?

    One difference in this one though, is the introduction of Tony Hawk's son, Riley, in a Crail inter-shor-film (the new way to say internet short film).

    The skateboarding is on point, the filming by Federico Vietta and Mark Nichols is on point and to cap it off the editing by Vietta is keeps your eye. And the cast is as follows:

    Marc Johnson

    Guy Mariano

    Brandon Biebel

    Cairo Foster

    Vincent Alvarez

    Rick Howard

    Mike Carroll

    Mike Mo Capaldi

    JB Gillet

    Jesus Fernandez

    Danny Brady

    Nick Jensen

    Daniel Espinoza

    Riley Hawk

    Raven Tershy

    So without further Adu:

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  • A Busenitz Day Of DLXmas

    You know I support Dennis Busenitz. Speed, creativity and just pure street skateboarding.

    And so does Does Deluxe Distribution. That's why they have selected him to be Day 4 of their Days of DLXmas. It consists of Busenitz ads and videos from his years of being sponsored by DSLX.

    Here's what Dan Wolfe had to say:

    When I first met Dennis ten years ago he was a quiet kid that just ripped wherever you took him... it was so easy to get footage with him it was almost silly. Usually this is the case with any newly sponsored kid that's eager and hungry. The difference between Dennis and most of those kids though, is that 10 years later, now a seasoned pro, he's still the same if not better, always pushing himself and getting better. I'd say about 80% of the pros out there exist in a gray area where most skaters wonder why they are even pro or worse yet, have a signature shoe. fortunately for Dennis, he's in that top 20% or so where no one ever questions...

    -Dan Wolfe

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  • Peter Hewitt On Simply Speaking

    Frank Grewer and Petter Hewitt are two of the best transition skateboarders in the game and they recently sat down to talk skateboarding, cultivation and whatever else came to their brains.

    It was all for the newest episode of Frankly Speaking with Frank Grewer new show over at DLSX.

    So if you want to see what makes one of those crazy San Francisco pool and park guys tick check it out, because he'll be interviewed by one of the best.

    Here's the video:

    Frankly Speaking with Frank Gerwer featuring Peter Hewitt from dlxsf on Vimeo.
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