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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Luan is dope! Stoked to check him at x games 17! street is 7/30 check out xgames.com for full list...gonna b all time!"

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    love2u says:

    "Dragonfly Bar Chiang Mai had the same kind of thing on last month, doing a movie about kitesurfing in Thiland"

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    onlineskatestore says:

    "Awesome video, Im sold on the jeans!


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    andrejamal says:

    "The video is funky as hell big hommie and the music fits...now you need art and graphics from Andre Jamal Walker, check cat daddy out www.bestpainteralive.com"

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  • Retro Bam

    Here's a little treat for all you Bam-a-Maniacs. Back before he was aJackass, he actually was a pro skater who would film video sectionslike this one for the 1998 video, Jump Off A Building. Check out Bam pre-Labo, pre-Element, pre-Heart-a-gram, destroying FDRcourtesy of Thrasher and Toy Machine:

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