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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Luan is dope! Stoked to check him at x games 17! street is 7/30 check out xgames.com for full list...gonna b all time!"

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    love2u says:

    "Dragonfly Bar Chiang Mai had the same kind of thing on last month, doing a movie about kitesurfing in Thiland"

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    onlineskatestore says:

    "Awesome video, Im sold on the jeans!


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    andrejamal says:

    "The video is funky as hell big hommie and the music fits...now you need art and graphics from Andre Jamal Walker, check cat daddy out www.bestpainteralive.com"

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  • Huge Shark Caught At World Famous Surf Spot

    A tiger shark weighing in at 1.3 tons was accidentally caught at Teahupoo in Tahiti. The renowned wave has been surfed by many visiting, and local, pro surfers over the years, and hosts the Billabong Pro Tahiti, an ASP World Tour event.

    Last Thursday, two local brothers, Didier and Grard Parker, had been catching the Crown of Thorn starfish with fish nets, ridding the reef of the invasive species. As they pulled up one of their nets it became obvious there was something tangled in it bigger than a starfish, at first they thought it was a swordfish, but to their surprise it was a massive tiger shark. The shark had already drowned and was no threat.

    It had always been rumored that a big tiger lived around Teahupoo, and now that rumored has been confirmed. The wave breaks about a quarter mile out from the beach, and although some surfers take boats to the spot, there are many that make the paddle. Now, they may have something else on their mind besides scoring perfect barrels as they paddle out.

    For full story go to http://www.tahitipresse.pf
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