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    Rhythmflow says:

    "Luan is dope! Stoked to check him at x games 17! street is 7/30 check out xgames.com for full list...gonna b all time!"

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    love2u says:

    "Dragonfly Bar Chiang Mai had the same kind of thing on last month, doing a movie about kitesurfing in Thiland"

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    onlineskatestore says:

    "Awesome video, Im sold on the jeans!


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    andrejamal says:

    "The video is funky as hell big hommie and the music fits...now you need art and graphics from Andre Jamal Walker, check cat daddy out www.bestpainteralive.com"

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  • Lokinho Gets Artsy And Stoney

    The Volcom Featured Artist Series and skateboarding have gone hand-in-hand since the inception of the clothing's brand's outlet for the arts. The skateboarders themselves, and the filmers and photographers of the world of plywood and urethane have made up a good portion of the contributors.

    Guys like: Remy Stratton, Geoff Rowley, Mark Appleyard and Steve Stratton have all been featured. Another of Volcom's featured artists is Fabiano Lokinho, a former pro skater turned self-taught artist and photographer. He stills skates, and can be creating art all over the world, with a chunk of it going down in the art department over at Volcom Brazil.

    He has as few pieces featured in the Holiday line of Volcom's Featured Artist Series. And to coincide the boys over at Veeco have put together a little video of some of his work. Check it out:

    Channels: SkateFilmStyle

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