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    Name:tyler williams
    Lives In:Killeen, Texas
    United States
    Birthday:September 15, 1992
    Heroes:anyone and everyone whose ever gotten off there arse to do something they love.
    Music:i listen all music except gospel.top 10 favorite artist:1)all time low 2)blink 182 3)boys like girls 4)death cab for cutie 5)fall out boys 6)foo fighters 7)goo goo dolls 8)guster 9)katy perry 10)new found glory
    Movies:cry baby, dog soldiers, the man in the iron mask, and jumper.
    Shows:gilmore girls & that 70's show
    Interests:i love playing softball. i don't do any extreme sports, but i always wanted to and i plan to. i wanna go base jumping sky diving and i wanna learn motocross.
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