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    Lives In:Encinitas, California
    United States
    Birthday:June 27, 1981
    Heroes:Bob Marley, Tom Curren, Archy, Tom Penny, Jeff Anderson, Mom and Dad, Nature... R.I.P. Cooper Jancic(2L), and Wags(seaside local 4 LIfe)
    Music:Reggae, Punk, Island vibe and hip hop(no mainstream please...)
    Movies:Surf= Young Guns Flix Skate= Baker Vids Snow= Wildcats Superbad Juno Any Cheech and Chong
    Shows:Fuel, Travel, Discovery, S.D. sports
    Interests:Surf, skate, wake or snow. Family and friends, travel, adventure, and endless good times...
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    Check out SRH.com for lifestyle and street fashion that is definetly legit, and hittin up a hood near you...
    For all the surfing enthusiasts, check out stricklyboarding.com for all of your ocean influenced bling...
    P.S. Ford Surfboards rip, West wetsuits= Legit, and creatures of Leisure will keep u Stoked and in the water...