• Red Bull Wake Lab, Tempe, AZ

    Red Bull Wake Lab

    Innovative Wakeboarding Experiment in Tempe Town Lake Proves Wildly Successful
    Wakeboarding Pro JD Webb takes Prize for ' Best Overall'

    Tempe, AZ ' " April 4, 2009 ' " Red Bull Wake Lab, the biggest and most innovative wakeboarding event ever devised, splashed down in Tempe Town Lake during the Circle K Tempe Music Festival on April 3rd and 4th. Over two days, more than 25,000 spectators experienced some of the nation' (TM)s top wakeboarders showing off their best tricks on the ' Wake Lab,' a one-of-a-kind floating skatepark. The first day of competition got off to a rocky start as 50 mph gusts of wind caused two of the qualifying rounds to be postponed. But Saturday brought clear skies and calm winds, and an early start allowed the event to get right back on track. At the end of a day of tight competition, four riders walked away with awards ' " Aaron Rathy (Most Progressive), Adam Errington (Best Trick), Parks Bonifay (Best Line) and JD Webb (Best Overall).

    ' Red Bull Wake Lab Tempe was hands-down the best wakeboarding event I' (TM)ve ever participated in,' said wakeboarding pro JD Webb. ' From the perfect weather to the huge, supportive crowd and the amazing, challenging structure, I was happy to just be involved, let alone win ' Best Overall.' (TM)'

    The 36 competing athletes were a combination of pros hand-selected by Parks Bonifay, X Games Gold medalist and event co-creator, along with up-and-coming riders from across the country who competed in regional qualifiers to earn their spot in the event.

    The event also featured a performance by two members of the Red Bull Air Force, a 12-man team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, BASE jumpers and paragliders on the planet. Team members John Devore and Mike Swanson wowed the crowd as they dropped from the skies and soared into Tempe Beach Park, skillfully landing in the lake.

    Red Bull Wake Lab made its debut in Orlando, FL in September 2008, and was an instant success with riders and fans alike. Created as an experiment to see how far the boundaries of the sport of wakeboarding could be pushed, the groundbreaking event seeks to ' evolve' the sport of wakeboarding. Influenced by the design of the modern skateboarding skatepark and snowboarding snowpark, a massive ' wakepark' was specially designed with the goal of taking wakeboarding somewhere it had never been before. The result, dubbed ' The Wake Lab,' allows riders to perform sets of tricks that were once impossible, raising the sport to new levels.
    In order to evolve the sport and create new experiences for riders, a new technology needed to be introduced to take full advantage of the revolutionary wakepark structure. This came to fruition when the ' The Wake Lab' was coupled with the Sesitec System 2.0 overhead pulley system. No boats are needed to tow the wakeboarders, as this revolutionary pulley system allows athletes to take two full runs (back and forth) across the wakepark' (TM)s various
    rails, pools, sliders and 15-foot wall. The system made its US competition debut at Red Bull Wake Lab in Orlando.

    For complimentary images post-event, visit www.redbull-photofiles.com.

    Competition Semi Final / Final Results:

    Semi Finals

    Heat 1
    1. Parks Bonifay
    2. JD Webb
    3. Collin Harrington
    4. Shane Bonifay

    1. Aaron Rathy
    2. Adam Errington
    3. Yannick Thibbeut
    4. Keith Lidberg


    Heat 1
    1. JD Webb
    2. Aaron Rathy
    3. Adam Errington
    4. Parks Bonifay

    Overall Winner ' " JD Webb
    Most Progressive ' " Aaron Rathy

    Best Trick ' " Adam Errington ' " Backside Lipslide, backside 270 out on the quarter pipe
    Best Line ' " Parks Bonifay ' " Switch boardslide backslide 450 to front board, 90 out on the M gap, backside lipslide over nose slide on the angled hubba ledge
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    MARYVILLE, TN & ENCINTAS, CA (December 12, 2008) Skiers Choice, Inc.,

    manufacturer of Supra and Moomba boats and Liquid Force, manufacturer of Liquid

    Force Wakeboards, announced a long term strategic partnership to benefit both

    companies by promoting and selling their respective products and increasing the

    value of their respective brands. The agreement consists of multiple components

    to include the production of a special edition series available on Surpa and

    Moomba boats that will pay tribute to Liquid Force, the leader in wakeboarding.

    In addition, Supra will now be the official towboat of the acclaimed

    BROStock event series and select stops from the Maven Series.

    ' With this partnership we are bringing Liquid Force' (s wakeboard industry

    leadership together with our boating industry expertise to offer customers a

    world-class watersports experience,' said Rick Tinker, President of Skiers

    Choice, Inc. ' This is where the lifestyle, the sport and the products our

    customers use to live it, work simultaneously to bring them the best there is


    Supra, Moomba and Liquid Force will begin to roll out initiatives from the

    agreement fairly quickly. Research and Development, Engineering, Manufacturing,

    Art and Marketing departments of the two companies' ( have been working

    diligently to implement the details. Look for more information to be revealed

    in the weeks to come.

    Tony Finn, Founder of Liquid Force said, ' I am extremely impressed with the

    quality and commitment to wakeboarding that Skiers Choice has shown. I' (m

    super fired up about the collaborative boats that we are releasing. They

    are both pretty fricken sick!! We couldn' (t be happier to team up with not

    only such a great company, but with such a great group of people as well.

    Skiers Choice and Liquid Force plan on introducing a lot of new, cool,

    innovative products into the wakeboard market moving forward, so hang on!!'


    Founded in 1995,

    Liquid Force quickly became the leader in wakeboard products and apparel.

    Liquid Force is dedicated to relentless innovation, progressive design, maximum

    functionality and unparalleled quality. As part of the Motion Water

    Sports family, Liquid Force owns Straight Line Ropes and Handles.

    Supported by a superior team of athletes, Liquid Force events include

    world famous BROstock and Maven Sessions.


    Skier' (s Choice, Inc. is a leading

    manufacturer of performance inboard wakeboard and water-ski towboats under

    brand names Supra and Moomba. Supra has been a leader in the inboard

    industry since 1980 and is synonymous with innovative styling, luxurious

    interiors, highest construction quality, and unsurpassed wake performance.

    Moomba is a value-oriented brand that offers significant savings yet

    delivers performance and reliability equal to or better than other inboard

    brands. Skier' (s Choice sponsors the WWA World Wakeboard Championships,

    INT and NWL amateur events. Located in Maryville, Tenn., the company is

    closely held. For more information, please visit

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  • Gabe Lucas Interview

    Gabe Lucas
    Here's a sick interview The Liquid Circus did with Gabe Lucas:

    Finally companies are backing wake boarders and putting their money where their mouths are in support of the progression of wake boarding. There are a few out there before him, but none have done it quite so legitimately. Gabe Lucas does things on a wake board some of the best contest riders in the world can only dream of. From crazy canoe gaps, ollieing impossible obstacles, wall riding things most wouldn't have even seen possible and generally thinking outside the box in regards to what is possible on a wake board.

    Gabe Lucas was one of those riders, like most who had to compete on the Pro Tour in order to make a name for himself and get recognized. Week in and week out of competition seems to drain every single rider I know, their motivation is sapped and their creativity levels are flat, due to practicing the same 10 tricks over and over in hope of standing on a podium and getting noticed. But in all honesty how much exposure do competitions really gain any one apart from the winner.

    CWB, Lost Clothing and his other sponsors stepped up to the plate recognized his talent as a creator, innovator and some one who sees and progress's wake boarding differently and supported him financially to do what he does best. We can only hope that other brands step up to the plate by financially supporting more riders in the free-ride realm without the bounds of competition.

    We checked in with Gabe to see what' (s been happening.

    Liquid Circus: What you been up too?
    Gabe Lucas: I just finished painting my house, fun project. My friend Corey helped me a lot, just trying to keep it fresh and protect my assets. Also just got back from a good road trip to surf expo in Orlando we stopped along the way to ride with chip and the Rukus Board shop crew in Louisiana. We caught bass fish in the same private ponds we rode in behind a 4-wheeler, they have so many good structures and gaps, we also got to skate this exclusive and huge wood bowl inside a locals warehouse, a major score that was. Then once in Florida I rode in the Red Bull wake lab event. I cant explain how pearl that was, best set up and event I have ever seen, I must thank Parks (Bonifay) for inviting me, and it was good to see him ride. So that whole trip was insane.

    LC: What was the reason for not wanting to do all the pro contests?
    GL: The pro tour just bores me, and waiting to ride sucks, its not fun or progressive, how can it be progressive when they have the exact same course for more than 5 years. I don' (t know... I have a lot of reasons, I want to push the sport and myself, I have always done that away from the tour in a totally different mindset.

    LC: How did you approach your sponsors?
    GL: Actually a major sponsor of mine first approached me it was so perfect, they said they felt I was more in my element free-riding and I didn' (t have to go to any tour stops if I didn' (t want to, "finally" is what I was thinking, and the rest of my sponsors sort of jumped on the bandwagon after that.

    LC: How was your year not competing on tour?
    GL: Best year I' (ve have ever had, just a lot of fun, plus it has been the most successful. I have been so much more productive with my time at home.

    LC: That gave you a lot of extra time, how did you utilize it?
    GL: All my free time was just spent being productive, riding a bunch, finding new winch spots, getting photos, shooting for tar productions, getting tarfilms.com set up, helping coach at Mcelhinney wakeboard school, landscape my home, stuff like that.

    LC: Tell us about your film?
    GL "What in Tarnation" is a project TAR worked on for about 2-3 years. It shows what comes out of the tarnation, and how many people want to come into it. Riders include Danny Harf, Aaron Reed, Randall Harris, Danny Hampson, Jeff Weatherall, Keith Lyman, just to name a few. It was shot a lot in Texas, but also in Hawaii, Australia, California, Florida, Arizona, Canada, etc. The soundtrack is sick, a lot of focus was on the soundtrack, and a lot of it is home grown. -1015- in the house. The whole thing is a wild ride, no doubt, plus it has over an hour of bonus footage.

    LC: What' (s coming up for you?
    GL: Aaron Reed has just asked me and tar productions to help him shoot and produce the team video for his new wakeskate company Obscura. Team Obscura is Aaron Reed, Danny Hampson, Kyle Hyams, and my room mate Stefan Schriewer. We already got a little footage this summer, but will start working real hard on it, I am pumped on that. been wanting to do a wakeskate only video for a while now, and getting to do it along side of Aaron and that amazing team is so pearl. (obscura wakeskates.com)
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  • Gusto Gav - Wake Warrior Of The Year

    Gusto Gav
    Matix's Gusto Gav, who looks remarkably like Podium head honcho, Tim Gavin (I think it's his cousin or something), has been voted by the riders as this year's Wake Warrior of the Year. "Where's my Tecate, where's my fucking Tecate god damn it," said an exuberant Gav as he excepted the award.

    "He's pretty much the best thing about our company," said The Gav, as in Tim "Where's My Other Sandal" Gavin. Here's some video of Gusto Gav shredding some wake courtesy of Matix.

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  • Liquid Force es Numero Uno

    Liquid Force Is Numero Uno

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