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    Name:Casey Welty
    Lives In:City of Angels
    Thrasher Lane
    Corning, California
    United States
    Birthday:September 13, 1994
    Relationship:In a Relationship
    Heroes:All my friends that i started skating with and continue shredding it with to this day, Skate or Die
    Music:Sex pistols,Dead Kennedy's,Misfits,Chiodos,Blink-182,The Casualties,The Unseen,DEEZ Nutz,MOD Sun,Mac Miller,Sum 41,Iron Maiden.
    Interests:Music,Photography,Old cameras,TAGGING,Guitar,kicking it.
  • My Sports

    Extreme Fighting

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  • About

    Hello, My name is Casey Welty I love sports I do multiple but my life is set on skateboarding. I've been skating for skating about four years and I'm a shredder and flow like a mutha. Trick not clean I go right back and try it again until it is perfect. Nothing is ever to big I just reach in and grab out the big ones and do work. Skateboarding is my escape to my own world that mentally blocks out society and every problem in my life. There's never a time I will not wanna skate. If possible it'd be a 24/7 thing.... but... I need my beauty sleep:D. ~Live Love Laugh Skate~

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